You Picked What I Read. Here’s What I Thought of It.

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A Sweet Sting of Salt coverA Sweet Sting of Salt cover

In May, I asked you to pick which queer books I should read next from my TBR, and the winner was A Sweet Sting of Salt by Rose Sutherland. Unfortunately, my library hold then took weeks to come in, so I wasn’t able to read it until about a week ago. Here’s what I thought about it before reading:

I’ve talked about this in the newsletter several times because it’s one of my most-anticipated releases of the year. Mostly because I cannot resist a sapphic selkie story, and they’re so rare! Somehow, though, I haven’t actually read this one yet. It looks like it will be a little darker and moodier than some of the other options, but the water element keeps it in the spring reading sphere for me.

Now that my library hold finally came in and I have finished it, here’s what I thought.

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What’s the last queer book you read? Let’s chat in the comments!

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