You Can Get a Tiny Ice Cream Making Kit and It’s So Cute!

You can get a tiny ice cream kit and it’s so cute! Everyone loves ice cream, and now you can make personal size ice cream desserts with this adorable ice cream kit. Kids of all ages, and adults, will love this ice cream kit. It has everything you need to make ice cream! We found this super cute tiny ice cream kit just in time for summer!

Let’s make really tiny ice cream!

If you like Tiny things, the new Tiny Ice Cream making kit is a MUST-HAVE! Kids can make REAL ice cream…tiny style with this adorable small playset. Kids of all ages will love churning tiny ice cream.

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Tiny Ice Cream Set

PaperPie is currently selling a Tiny Ice Cream set that’ll kick off your summer season with whimsy and you know you need it!

Ice Cream Kit- STEAM kit - tiny ice cream with spoons, bowls all pink and blue - smart lab- kids activities
The Smart Lab Tiny Ice Cream Set is packed with fun.

What is Inside the Smart Lab Tiny Ice Cream Set?

Churn real ice cream in the itty-bitty ice cream maker! Bake weensy waffles in the waffle mold! Once baked, use the tools to form waffle cones, waffle bowls, ice cream sandwich cookies, and ice cream taco shells.

The lay-flat instruction sheet features original recipes, fascinating history and science facts, and inspiring ideas for using the miniature equipment.

Yes, it comes with a tiny ice cream churn, but quick tip: make sure you use plenty of ice!

Ice Cream Kit- Tiny Ice Cream making set with recipe book, tiny ice cream churn, and bowl of ice cream on kitchen counter
I scream, you scream, we all scream for tiny ice cream!

Not Just for Fun: Tiny Ice Cream

As children mix, bake, and experiment, they are practicing essential skills in reading, measuring, following instructions, and trial-and-error learning. Don’t forget, you’ll be practicing some major fine motor skills, lol!

This adorable kit is a perfect parent-child activity or a (delicious) stand-alone stress-reliever for people of all ages. It’s an ice cream party in a box.

You can grab this set in our PaperPie bookshop for around $20 here.

More Tiny STEAM Kits That Your Kids Will Love!

There’s more where that came from! You can collect all the tiny cooking sets now available, including Tiny Baking and Tiny Food Truck! They are all ridiculously cute!

Ice Cream Kit- Tiny baking set shown laid out on a kitchen counter- kids activities blog
Try out this tiny baking kit after you try the tiny ice cream kit!

Even More STEM Kits for Kids We Love

If cooking isn’t your favorite, you could also try Tiny Sports, Tiny Gardening, even Tiny Art! Check out all the Tiny STEAM Kits here!

All of these kits are made by Smartlab toys, newly aquired by PaperPie! From chemistry to electronics to human anatomy to architecture, Smartlab’s full range of STEAM toys offers playful learning experiences to delight and amaze any child. 

Ice Cream Kit- Tiny Baking STEAM Kit - smartlab toys
There are so many great tiny kits to try besides the ice cream kit.

Unless you’re a giant, you’ll want to hurry and grab these before they sell out!

Fun Ice Cream Toppings For Your Tiny Ice Cream

You’ll want to eat your ice cream once you make it with your tiny ice cream kit! And you can add so many yummy things like:

Make sure you grab your tiny ice cream kit here!

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Are you as obsessed with the tiny ice cream set as we are? Tell us in the comments below!

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