You Can Get A Portable High Chair For Your Baby and It’s Perfect For Any Outdoor Event

I really love genius inventions and I am adding this portable outdoor high chair to the top of the list! Events and get togethers can be hard when you have a baby. But this portable outdoor high chair fixes that. It’s comfy, easy to set up and easy to take down, keeps your baby in one place. This portable outdoor high chair even has a tray so your baby can eat and play. I definitely need one of these portable outdoor high chairs for the summer!

I love that the Ciao Baby outdoor high chair has so many different patterns.

Portable Outdoor High Chair

Babies are not only all over the place and trying to play. But trying to feed a baby on your lap isn’t easy. And then, on top of that, if you have a baby or even toddler, you know that it isn’t easy traveling with all the must-haves when you go camping or even attend and outdoor event.

Portable Outdoor High Chair- standing against a white background, but is black with straps- kids activities blog
The Ciao Baby high chair also comes in black.

An Outdoor Portable High Chair Makes Eating So Much Easier

Take the high chair for example, you can’t exactly pack up and travel (unless yours is portable/easy to fold) with your high chair yet it makes life 100% easier while eating.

Whether you’re still feeding them baby food, they’re eating toddler food, or grown up food…a portable outdoor high chair makes a word of difference. I can’t tell you how many times a mess has occurred because I have a baby on the knee trying to feed them and me.

Portable Outdoor High Chair- red and back with a little boy and little girl in them- kids activities blog
These Ciao Baby outdoor high chairs are perfect for almost all babies!

The Portable Outdoor High Chair Is Perfect For Babies and Toddlers

That is where this Portable High Chair comes into play. It is the perfect solution to having your baby safe, secure and gives them a place to eat!

Portable Outdoor High Chair- pink and gray high chair against a white background- kids activities blog
The Ciao Baby even comes in pretty pink!

This is the Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair and it’s made for ages 3 months to 3 years old and up to 35 pounds. Which is great! Not only does it make it easier for babies to eat. But toddlers, who may be overly excited and overly stimulated at a get together or event, can also have a safe place to sit and eat.

Portable Outdoor High Chair- with a little girl sitting in a black high chair outside on the grass.- kids activities blog
Ciao Baby portable outdoor high chairs are great for ages 3 months to 3 years.

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How Does The Outdoor High chair Work?

This is the ultimate space-saver, this high chair unfolds easily, locks into place, and folds back up in seconds. No assembly required. With its slim design, you can easily store one in your car for easy access.

Portable Outdoor High Chair- blue and black outside on the grass next to a red tent in the woods- kids activities blog
Take the Ciao Baby camping, to BBQs, your kid’s ball game… so many places!

And the best part is, it is easy to clean!! It includes a built-in feeding tray and cup holder. The chair is made of durable nylon fabric and the tray is covered in clear vinyl that easily wipes clean with water.

Where To Get Your Portable Outdoor High Chair?

You can get this Portable High Chair on Amazon for $46-$65 depending on which color you choose.

This is genius to take camping and I am totally getting one for my daughter!

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Do you have one of these portable outdoor high chairs? How do you like it?

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