Yankees’ Marcus Stroman takes responsibility for display of 'raw emotion' towards Gleyber Torres

Yankees right-hander Marcus Stroman has never shied away from showing how he feels and Friday was no different.

With the veteran struggling to get through the fifth inning — having allowed the Blue Jays to load the bases with no outs — he got Vladimir Guerroro Jr. to hit a groundball to the shortstop that could have been a much-needed double play.

Instead, Guerrero beat out the throw to first by Gleyber Torres. Shortly after the safe call, Stroman was shown on the broadcast yelling into his glove. It looked as if Stroman was upset with Torres being unable to complete the double play.

Stroman would continue to show his frustrations in the dugout after he was pulled from the game.

“This game can definitely have a lot of raw emotion come out,” Stroman said after the game. “I’m very passionate. I care about winning for this team and this city. And sometimes my raw emotion comes out. I checked in with everybody I needed to check in with after the game. Like I said, it’s all directed toward winning and being great out there. Sometimes it’s frustrating.”

When asked if he was specifically upset about the failed double play, Stroman was refreshingly honest.

“It was frustrating,” he admitted. “At the end of the day, I felt like I made a good pitch and that was a big spot, I wanted it turned there and we didn’t. Some raw emotion comes out.”

Stroman went just 4.1 innings and put his team, who were in the midst of a four-game losing streak, in a tough spot. Luckily, the team would get out of the inning down just 3-1 and the Yankees bats came alive to eventually win 16-5.

A bit part of that offensive outburst was, actually, Torres. The infielder who was riding the bench the last two games because of his lack of production at the plate, went 2-for-4 with a home run. Once Torres rounded the bases and went to the dugout, Stroman was the first one to greet and congratulate him.

“I talked to Gleyber right after. I’m someone who’s there for each and every guy,” Stroman said. “In the moment, obviously, it’s frustrating but nothing I love more to see my guys winning, make big plays and swing the bat. We’re all very passionate about what we do we all work extremely hard and sometimes raw emotions come out.”

Torres said after that he didn’t make much of Stroman’s actions and understood the frustrations.

“That type of situation when you’re trying to help your team and pitch well, emotions come out,” Torres said. “I really understand. I don’t have any issues with that. I know how hard is the game. When you got the type of relationship with your teammates, it’s never trouble.”

Stroman doubled down on his postgame comments by taking to social media to support his team and take responsibility for his actions on the field.

“The squad went crazy today. Love to see it,” Stroman wrote. “Raw emotion and passion are part of the game. When you care deeply…frustrations come into the light. That’s on me for losing my cool. I have to be better. Truly love this team and will always compete at the highest level for my brothers. On to the next!”

The Yankees will now look to make it two in a row when they play the Blue Jays again on Saturday.

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