Wimbledon 2024 LIVE: Tennis scores including Zverev v Fritz and De Minaur victory before Djokovic returns

Emma Raducanu crashed out of Wimbledon on Sunday after defeat to the qualifier Lulu Sun on Centre Court with Elena Rybakina the new favourite for the women’s singles at SW19.

Raducanu was bidding to reach the quarter-finals for the first time but was outpowered by her opponent, the world number 123, who won 6-2 5-7 6-2.

With Coco Gauff also tumbling out after defeat to Emma Navarro, the Kazakhstani, a winner in 2022 at the All England Club, has emerged as the favourite and returns to Centre Court for the first time in 2024 today, facing No.17 seed Anna Kalinskaya.

Another former champion, Novak Djokovic, is also in action, and faces No. 15 seed Holger Rune in the third match on Centre Court.

Follow all the latest scores and match updates from Wimbledon below:

Wimbledon 2024: Day 8

  • Emma Raducanu breaks silence on decision that ended Andy Murray’s Wimbledon career

  • MATCH! Rybakina is through to the quarter-finals after Kalinskaya is forced to retire injured (6-3 3-0)

  • MATCH! De Minaur sees off spirited challenge from Fils to reach quarter-finals (6-2 6-4 4-6 6-3)

  • SET! Zverev serves out first frame after timely break against Fritz (6-4)

  • SET! Zverev doubles lead with a tiebreak victory in the second set (7-6(4))

  • SET! Ostapenko races ahead and converts against Putintseva (6-2)

  • Inside the making of Wimbledon’s emotional Andy Murray tribute: ‘Our first call was to Sue Barker’

  • Ukrainian Elina Svitolina breaks down in tears at Wimbledon over missile strikes on Kyiv

Wimbledon 2024 LIVE: Taylor Fritz 4-6 6-7 3-3 Alexander Zverev*

17:00 , Alex Pattle

After trading breaks to begin this third set, Zverev and Fritz stay on serve for the time being.

Zverev with a hold to love now, punctuating it with an ace out wide!

Fritz follows with his own hold to love, sealing the game with a backhand winner up the line.

Wimbledon 2024 LIVE: Yulia Putintseva 2-6 Jelena Ostapenko*

16:54 , Alex Pattle

Thirteenth seed Ostapenko has gotten over the line in the first set, after that brief fightback from Putintseva!

6-2. One foot in the quarter-finals.

Jelena Ostapenko (Getty Images)Jelena Ostapenko (Getty Images)

Jelena Ostapenko (Getty Images)

Wimbledon 2024 LIVE: Yulia Putintseva 2-5 Jelena Ostapenko*

16:47 , Alex Pattle

On No 1 Court, Jelena Ostapenko raced into a 5-0 lead over Yulia Putintseva in the first set, but Putintseva has finally got on the scoreboard! 5-1.

And she goes a step further, breaking Ostapenko for 5-2!

Back on Centre, Zverev began the third set against Fritz with a break of serve, but Fritz has returned the favour – sealing his own break with a winner on the baseline! 1-1.

*denotes next server

Wimbledon 2024 LIVE: Taylor Fritz 4-6 6-7 0-0 Alexander Zverev*

16:41 , Alex Pattle

Fritz with a perfect start on serve for 1-0. Fun rally now, which ends with Zverev powering a backhand into the corner for a winner! 1-1.

Fritz manages an impressive return of serve, but eventually he’s put under too much pressure and misses a backhand. Zverev leads 2-1.

Zverev finds the baseline with a backhand, and it catches out Fritz! 3-1 to Zverev; there’s the mini-break…

Now Zverev is forced out wide on a serve, and his forehand return floats long. He leads 3-2 in the tiebreak.

Roles reversed: Zverev’s powerful serve forces a deep return from Fritz – beyond the baseline. 4-2 to Zverev as the players change ends.

Fritz lassoes a forehand long, and Zverev has daylight now at 5-2. Same again from Fritz!

Four set points to Zverev. One saved! Fritz’s serve down the middle is pacey, and Zverev’s return is too deep. 6-3.

Zverev to serve. He aims for the corner on a forehand but hooks his shot jusssssst wide! Another set point gone. 6-4.

The German puts Fritz on the back foot, though, and this time it’s the American who hooks a groundstroke wide!

Zverev takes the set!

Wimbledon 2024 LIVE: Taylor Fritz* 4-6 6-6 Alexander Zverev

16:30 , Alex Pattle

Zverev with a backhand high into the net. 15-0. Now he’s forced to cover a lot of ground, and he eventually errs. 30-0.

Ace for Fritz. 40-0. And he wrongfoots Zverev with an inside-out forehand in the corner! Winner, and his own hold to love.

Winners so far: Fritz 25-24 Zverev. Unforced errors: Fritz 7-8 Zverev.

Zverev with an unreturnable serve. 15-0. This time Fritz gets more on the ball, but too much in fact, and it goes long. 30-0.

Another big serve, and another missed return by Fritz, whose forehand up the line is in the tramlines. 40-0.

A forehand goes long for the American, and Zverev holds to love AGAIN to force a tiebreak.

Taylor Fritz trying to keep pace with Alexander Zverev (Getty Images)Taylor Fritz trying to keep pace with Alexander Zverev (Getty Images)

Taylor Fritz trying to keep pace with Alexander Zverev (Getty Images)

Wimbledon 2024 LIVE: Taylor Fritz* 4-6 5-5 Alexander Zverev

16:24 , Alex Pattle

Fritz moves to 15-0 then goes long with a ground shot. 15-15.

Ace down the middle! 30-15. Now Fritz manoeuvres Zverev around the court nicely, before dropping a neat volley over for a winner. 40-15.

And a big serve gets the hold. Zverev’s turn now.

Zverev with a brutal backhand into the corner. Fritz gets there, to be fair to him, and his own backhand stops at the tape – so close to a pass. 15-0.

30-0 as Zverev’s serve is just too much for Fritz. The American gets something on it, but his return flies out of court.

Now a Fritz forehand return lands beyond the baseline. 40-0. Big serve down the T, and Fritz’s return comes up short. Hold to love for Zverev!

Wimbledon 2024 LIVE: Taylor Fritz* 4-6 4-4 Alexander Zverev

16:22 , Alex Pattle

Fritz totally frames a forehand and it goes nowhere. 15-0.

30-0 now as Zverev’s serve is too much for the 13th seed.

Great one-two punch; Zverev with a deep serve then a well-placed, inside-out backhand winner in the corner. 40-0.

Another powerful serve, and Zverev holds to love!

*denotes next server

Alexander Zverev at Wimbledon on Monday (Getty Images)Alexander Zverev at Wimbledon on Monday (Getty Images)

Alexander Zverev at Wimbledon on Monday (Getty Images)

Wimbledon 2024 LIVE: Taylor Fritz 4-6 4-3 Alexander Zverev*

16:19 , Alex Pattle

Fritz’s depth is a bit better than Zverev across two rallies, the second of which he ends with a whipped forehand – inside-out for a winner. 30-0.

Now the American eyes another winner, this one up the line, but he’s off-balance and off-target. 30-15.

40-15 as Fritz’s approach play pays off.

And he seals the hold with a nicely-disguised drop shot!

Wimbledon 2024 LIVE: Taylor Fritz* 4-6 3-3 Alexander Zverev

16:15 , Alex Pattle

30-15 on Fritz’s serve, and Zverev drags a backhand narrowly wide. 40-15.

Now Fritz with an inside-out forehand winner to hold!

Zverev’s service game now, and he slings a backhand slice low into the net. 0-15.

This time Fritz nets, as his forehand on the run comes up short after some powerful groundstrokes from Zverev. 15-15.

Again Fritz is running and can’t beat the net, after he’s forced into the corner by Zverev. 30-15.

Zverev tries to find the corner with a step-in forehand, but he nudges it just long. 30-30.

Game point as Zverev sends a serve right into the corner of the service box. 40-30. Double-fault, though, and we’re at deuce!

Advantage Zverev after a brilliant forehand, however! He strikes it crosscourt from a tricky angle, yet the pace and accuracy are so impressive – right on the chalk.

And he rounds out the hold.

Wimbledon 2024 LIVE: Taylor Fritz* 4-6 2-2 Alexander Zverev

16:07 , Alex Pattle

Fritz gives Zverev the runaround and moves to 15-0. Now an emphatic backhand into the corner, crosscourt. 30-0.

More clinical work from the American, and he holds to love.

Onto Zverev’s serve.

He starts off well, but Fritz NAILS a runaround forehand for a winner! The speed on that! 15-15.

Brilliant net play from Zverev for 30-15. It looked for a moment as if he’d been a bit too lackadaisical, but he recovered well for a backhand half-volley to seal the point.

A trademark, huge serve from the German and it’s 40-15. Now an ace down the T, right on the chalk.

*denotes next server

Alex De Minaur reacts to victory over Arthur Fils

16:06 , Jack Rathborn

“I’ll be alright,” says De Minaur. “Thank you, guys, the atmosphere was unbelievable, I’m super proud of myself to be in the quarter-finals.

“I made it harder than I needed to, I couldn’t serve, but I backed my return.”

Wimbledon 2024 LIVE: Arthur Fils 2-6 4-6 6-4 3-6 Alex De Minaur

16:03 , Jack Rathborn

Well saved by Fils, whose smash denies De Minaur his first match point.

But another soon follows, second serve for Fils, into the De Minaur backhand, and a long rally ensures, with the Aussie finishing the contest with a fine forehand volley, game, set, match!

Katie Boulter stands up to applaud her partner, who hobbles back to his chair a little after reaching down low for that final shot. Hopefully he is not injured.

It was the shot before the final shot, his right ankle bending. De Minaur has not smiled once since winning and gives a nervy look back towards his box.

Wimbledon 2024 LIVE: Taylor Fritz* 4-6 1-1 Alexander Zverev

16:01 , Alex Pattle

Fritz with an important hold to start the second set.

Zverev with a fine serve to get going in his own service game, then a backhand error. 15-15.

30-15 as Fritz gets to a Zverev drop shot, just, but can’t get the ball back over.

30-30! Fritz with a brilliant forehand passing shot, crosscourt as Zverev rushes the net.

Big serve by Zverev now, and Fritz can only get a frame on it. 40-15.

And another thunderous serve, and Fritz’s reply comes up well short. Hold for Zverev!

Ukrainian Elina Svitolina breaks down in tears at Wimbledon over missile strikes on Kyiv

15:57 , Jack Rathborn

Elina Svitolina broke down in tears after winning her fourth round match at Wimbledon after at least 20 Ukrainians were killed following a major Russian missile attack on Kyiv.

Many more were left injured on Monday, officials said, with one missile striking a large children’s hospital in the capital Kyiv.

Svitolina played with a black ribbon on her white top throughout the match on No.2 Court, with the 21st seed triumphing over Xinyu Wang 6-2, 6-1 after a fine performance.


Ukrainian Svitolina breaks down in tears at Wimbledon over missile strikes on Kyiv

Wimbledon 2024 LIVE: Arthur Fils *2-6 4-6 6-4 3-5 Alex De Minaur

15:54 , Jack Rathborn

An excellent second serve from De Minaur to move ahead in the game, but Fils remains engaged and forces De Minaur into a mistake, 15-15.

Fils still striping the ball, long swings and immense power, he has a break point, 30-40!

And there it is, Fils will just not go away!

Wimbledon 2024 LIVE: Taylor Fritz* 4-6 -0-0 Alexander Zverev

15:52 , Alex Pattle

Serving for the first set, Zverev lures in Fritz with a drop shot then beats him with a volley. 15-0.

Zverev with a rapid ace into the corner. 124mph. 30-0.

A serve and approach shot bring up three set points; Zverev fires his backhand right into the corner while moving in.

And a backhand return goes long for Fritz! There’s the set!

Wimbledon 2024 LIVE: Taylor Fritz 4-5 Alexander Zverev*

15:49 , Alex Pattle

A backhand puts Fritz under pressure, and the ensuing forehand from Zverev forces an error out of the American. 0-15.

And after some more big hitting from Zverev, including one especially fierce crosscourt forehand, Fritz misses again.

We’re at 15-40 now. A real window for a break…

But Fritz whips a forehand into the corner, wrongfooting Zverev to save the first break point!

But Zverev takes the second! A loooooong crosscourt-forehand rally plays out, until Zverev goes down the line. That throws off Fritz, and Zverev’s next backhand is a winner in the corner!

*denotes next server

Ukrainian Elina Svitolina breaks down in tears at Wimbledon over missile strikes on Kyiv

15:47 , Jack Rathborn

Elina Svitolina broke down in tears after winning her fourth round match at Wimbledon after at least 20 Ukrainians were killed following a major Russian missile attack on Kyiv.

Many more were left injured on Monday, officials said, with one missile striking a large children’s hospital in the capital Kyiv.

Svitolina played with a black ribbon on her white top throughout the match on No.2 Court, with the 21st seed triumphing over Xinyu Wang 6-2, 6-1 after a fine performance.

And as emergency crews search the rubble for casualties back in Ukraine after the latest Russian barrage, Svitolina opened up on court about the difficulty in playing under the circumstances.

”For sure it was a good performance from my side,” Svitolina said, acknowledging her team courtside, including her partner and fellow player Gael Monfils. “It’s a very difficult day today for Ukrainian people.”


Ukrainian Svitolina breaks down in tears at Wimbledon over missile strikes on Kyiv

Wimbledon 2024 LIVE: Arthur Fils 2-6 4-6 6-4 1-4 Alexandre De Minaur

15:45 , Alex Pattle

De Minaur is now a double-break up on Fils in the fourth set.

The ninth seed is two games from victory.

Wimbledon 2024 LIVE: Taylor Fritz* 4-4 Alexander Zverev

15:44 , Alex Pattle

Zverev has Fritz on the run again, but he punches a forehand long. 0-15.

Huge ace into the corner now! 15-15. Another big serve brings Zverev to 30-15.

But he misses a backhand volley, sending it well wide! 30-30.

Again that serve helps out Zverev; he cracks one onto the back of the line, and Fritz can only send his backhand return out of court. 40-30.

A deuce at last! Fritz gets the better of Zverev at the net. It must be said: Zverev seems to be moving a bit slowly today.

Fritz goes long on a backhand. Advantage Zverev. And now a Fritz forehand lands high in the net.

Zverev holds. First bit of adversity that either man has faced on his serve.

Wimbledon 2024 LIVE: Taylor Fritz 4-3 Alexander Zverev*

15:38 , Alex Pattle

Has Zverev found the tactic that will work for him today? Again he gets behind his backhand and rushes the net, where he beats Fritz again. 0-15.

Great serving from Fritz, though. An ace brings him to 30-15.

Zverev now dumps a backhand into the net for 40-15 to Fritz.

And Fritz holds to stay ahead.

Wimbledon 2024 LIVE: Taylor Fritz* 3-3 Alexander Zverev

15:36 , Alex Pattle

Big backhand hitting from Zverev, who sets himself up for a smash. He takes it well. 15-0.

This time the German misses on that wing, however, hooking a backhand into the tramlines while under pressure from Fritz. 15-15.

Great forehand into the corner by Zverev; he whips it up the line and follows it in, but there’s no need for a volley, as Fritz’s reply is framed into the crowd. 30-15.

Zverev with two game points now, after some deft touches at the net win out against Fritz’s running.

Terrific point from Zverev to hold! Huge serve, big backhand, then a beautiful, half-volleyed winner.

Wimbledon 2024 LIVE: Taylor Fritz 3-2 Alexander Zverev*

15:31 , Alex Pattle

Fritz sends Zverev out wide with a serve, then places his follow-up forehand into the space on the other side of the court. Winner, 15-0.

30-0 again; neither man has had a sniff of a break so far. They’ve each started their own service games in strong fashion every time.

Fritz again with a wide serve then a winner into space – this time a backhand. 40-0.

Another backhand winner, and he holds to love.

*denotes next server

Wimbledon 2024 LIVE: Arthur Fils 2-6 4-6 6-4 0-2 Alexandre De Minaur

15:27 , Alex Pattle

Over on No 1 Court, Fils’s fightback may be coming to an end…

He’s down a break in the fourth set against De Minaur.

Wimbledon 2024 LIVE: Taylor Fritz* 2-2 Alexander Zverev

15:25 , Alex Pattle

Fritz gets to 30-0 before moving to within a point of the hold with some terrific baseline hitting; the American pings a backhand up the line – and on it – before firing a forehand into the opposite corner.

There’s the hold to love.

Zverev with another strong start to a service game. 30-0.

But Fritz shuffles his feet well to execute a backhand return right into the corner! It was close to Zverev but too swift for the fourth seed. 30-15.

Zverev with two more fine serves, easing to another hold.

Wimbledon 2024 LIVE: Taylor Fritz* 1-1 Alexander Zverev

15:23 , Alex Pattle

Zverev with some heavy serving already, forcing a few return errors out of Fritz to move to 40-0.

But after sauntering up to the net, the fourth seed flicks a forehand into the tramlines! That should have been an easy put-away. 40-15.

Now Fritz times a forehand return nicely, sticking it right at the feet of Zverev. The German’s own forehand can’t beat the net. 40-30.

This time, Fritz chips a forehand reply long, and Zverev gets the hold!

Wimbledon 2024 LIVE: Taylor Fritz 1-0 Alexander Zverev*

15:19 , Alex Pattle

Next up on Centre Court: Taylor Fritz vs Alexander Zverev!

American Fritz will serve first against the German, who is chasing a third grand slam final – his first at Wimbledon.

Zverev is sporting a compression sleeve on his left leg.

Fritz with a comfortable hold to start, some big serves getting him through.

*denotes next server

Wimbledon 2024

15:08 , Jack Rathborn

Arthur Fils 2-6, 4-6, 5-4* Alex de Minaur

Fils has got the crowd on his side now, a lovely forehand volley to put the point away and he holds the pose, turning slowly and soaking up the adulation.

Now a mistake from De Minaur as his backhand is sliced out, 0-30 and a little hole for the Australia, who is two points away from conceding the third set.

A marathon-like rally and a thudding serve brings him back into the game and more smart defence helps De Minaur to game point. But Fils will not back down, sparking gasps from the crowd as he powers his way back to deuce.

And the Frenchman’s backhand pass will bring up set point, remarkable scenes and momentum is swinging.

15:05 , Jack Rathborn

Arthur Fils 2-6, 4-6, 5-4* Alex de Minaur

What a running backhand! De Minaur stepped into it and planted the ball neatly into the far corner of Fils’ backhand to snatch a game point to seize a third-set lead at 5-4.

But Fils cannot be stopped and leads at 5-4, aggressive tennis stepping into those powerful forehands, but it’s essential to topple De Minaur and his immense defence.

Wimbledon 2024

14:56 , Jack Rathborn

Arthur Fils *2-6, 4-6, 4-4 Alex de Minaur

A wonderful chance for Fils here, already up 0-30 on De Minaur’s serve. Can he punch home the advantage to get back into the set?

And now a wayward backhand from De Minaur, two break points coming up. Plenty of French fans screaming, “Allez!”

And that one stayed hit, he put everything behind it and De Minaur watched it race past him for the break. Game on!

Wimbledon 2024

14:51 , Jack Rathborn

Elena Rybakina 6-3, 3-0 Anna Kalinskaya (retired)

It’s light work for Rybakina in the end and a sad way to go for Kalinskaya, who retires after going 3-0 down in the second set.

The 2022 champion will face the winner of Svitolina v Wang in the quarter-finals.

Inside the making of Wimbledon’s emotional Andy Murray tribute: ‘Our first call was to Sue Barker’

14:48 , Jack Rathborn

How do you bid farewell to a legend? As Wimbledon approached and Andy Murray’s career neared the end, those conversations started to swirl around the All England Club. The two-time champion and first British winner of the men’s singles title in 77 years deserved a fitting send-off and celebration of his achievements, should the tournament be his last. With uncertainty surrounding Murray’s fitness and future, Wimbledon tentatively began work on how to commemorate the moment no one at the Championships wanted to arrive.

But how? “We didn’t want it to be too pre-planned and, you know, feel too false. It had to be genuine and organic,” says Paul Davies, Wimbledon’s head of broadcast and production. Ruled out of the singles, Murray’s doubles match with his brother Jamie turned out to be his last ever match at Wimbledon, after Emma Raducanu pulled out of their mixed-doubles match on Saturday. By then, though, Murray had received an emotional tribute on Centre Court and an acknowledgement of his 20-year Wimbledon career. For those in charge of the ceremony, the months of prepration had paid off.

Wimbledon were required to be flexible. For much of the season, uncertainty over how long Murray had left at the top of the sport dominated talk around his matches. Murray admitted he would likely not play beyond the summer but an ankle injury suffered at the Miami Open in March cast doubt over his Wimbledon. While he recovered in time for the grass-court season, a back injury picked up at Queen’s and an operation to remove a spinal cyst threatened his chance to appear at the event that has defined his career.


Inside the making of Wimbledon’s Andy Murray tribute: ‘Our first call was to Sue’

14:44 , Jack Rathborn

Arthur Fils 2-6, 4-6, 2-3* Alex de Minaur

Fils is being broken down by De Minaur’s lobs, so much so that he cannot believe it there, resorting to a tweener in desperation and conceding the point.

But he rallies here and brings De Minaur to the net with a sublime drop shot and even though the Aussie catches it, the Frenchman is able to put the point away, whipping the crowd up into a frenzy and hinting at the immense effort needed to put his rival away.

Fils holds! Some relief for the Frenchman, who is back in the set after nearing a double-break deficit.

Wimbledon 2024

14:37 , Jack Rathborn

Arthur Fils 2-6, 4-6, 1-2* Alex de Minaur

De Minaur forces Fils to crack again, he just stays in points and holds his nerve.

A break and that could be one of the decisive moves in the match.

Unforced errors in the contest: Fils has 34, De Minaur half that figure on 17. It’s the difference with Fils just one winner behind the Aussie’s total of 12.

Wimbledon 2024

14:30 , Jack Rathborn

Elena Rybakina 6-3, 2-0 Anna Kalinskaya

And Rybakina is up a break in the second set already, the Kazakh is making light work of this so far.

 (Aaron Chown/PA Wire) (Aaron Chown/PA Wire)

(Aaron Chown/PA Wire)

14:23 , Jack Rathborn

Arthur Fils *2-6, 4-6 Alex de Minaur

De Minaur serving for the set and is off to a fine start with a few cheap points.

The Aussie soon carves out three set points, but a tense rally with plenty of slices goes the way of Fils. 40-15.

And it’s another gripping rally, Fils almost bamboozled by the lob again and, despite struggling to balance, recovers brilliantly, only for De Minaur to force him to crack two strokes later. SET!

 (Zac Goodwin/PA Wire) (Zac Goodwin/PA Wire)

(Zac Goodwin/PA Wire)

Wimbledon 2024

14:18 , Jack Rathborn

Elena Rybakina 6-3 Anna Kalinskaya

On Centre Court, 2022 champion Rybakina has just taken the first set against Kalinskaya, 6-3, stepping up after being installed as the favourite with plenty of contenders tumbling, including Swiatek, Gauff and Raducanu.

Wimbledon 2024

14:17 , Jack Rathborn

Arthur Fils *2-6, 3-5 Alex de Minaur

Some sensation returning from De Minaur, a second return flushed and brings up another break point, this one a set point.

But Fils pummels a serve down at 125mph and is back to deuce.

Wimbledon 2024

14:12 , Jack Rathborn

Arthur Fils *2-6, 3-5 Alex de Minaur

Excellent tennis from the Australian, again.

The disguised backhand drop shot sends Fils racing to the net.

And De Minaur wins the point with a magnificent lob. Now just one game from a two-set lead.

Wimbledon 2024

14:07 , Jack Rathborn

Arthur Fils 2-6, 3-4*Alex de Minaur

Lleyton Hewitt with a fist pump between games and barking words of encouragement towards De Minaur below as he wipes away sweat on his forehead.

Fils is putting everything into some of these strokes, De Minaur is happy to slow it down if he can with a slice.

Thunderous tennis from Fils as he sends De Minaur sprawling across No. 1 Court, but the Aussie’s lob almost catches the Frenchman off guard, before a smart smash saves one break point.

A sloppy backhand hits the net though, BREAK! That’s three straight games…

 (Zac Goodwin/PA Wire) (Zac Goodwin/PA Wire)

(Zac Goodwin/PA Wire)

14:05 , Chris Wilson

Arthur Fils *2-6, 3-3 Alex de Minaur

Not as comfortable for de Minaur on his serve, as a couple of mistakes lead him to 30-all. He rakes a cross-court forehand across for 40-30, before taking the game as Fils hooks a return long.

The Aussie holds serve and confirms the break!

14:01 , Chris Wilson

Arthur Fils 2-6, 3-2* Alex de Minaur

De Minaur easily holds his serve and then races into a 40-0 lead on Fils’ serve in the next game. He hits against the net for 40-15, but he still has two break points.

And he takes it after Fils can only crash a backhand against the net!

13:54 , Chris Wilson

Arthur Fils 2-6, 3-0* Alex de Minaur

The first point of the third game goes to the Aussie, as he fires a brilliant cross-court backhand on the jump.

Fils fights back with a couple of brilliant serves though, and his latest one makes it 40-15. But he lets de Minaur back to deuce after a double fault and an unforced error!

And Fils takes the game once more as de Minaur sweeps a shot wide before the Frenchman’s drop shot is returned against the net!

Fils breaks in the second set!

13:49 , Chris Wilson

Arthur Fils 2-6, 2-0 Alex de Minaur

Better again from Fils as he takes the first game of the second set and holds serve.

The Frenchman takes a 40-15 lead in the second game two as de Minaur crashes a shot against the net and then scoops a return past the baseline. But de Minaur challenges and it landed on the line by a millimetre!

The point is replayed, and Fils delivers a brilliant slice from the baseline that de Minaur can only hit against the net.

The Frenchman has two break points, but he loses both of them as he fires a shot into the net.

Fils saves the game with a brilliant cross-court shot before gaining the advantage after approaching the net and guiding a volley over.

And Fils breaks after de Minaur can only return against the net!

Wimbledon 2024: De Minaur takes the first set against Fils

13:43 , Jack Rathborn

Alex de Minaur of Australia plays a backhand return to Arthur Fils of France (AP)Alex de Minaur of Australia plays a backhand return to Arthur Fils of France (AP)

Alex de Minaur of Australia plays a backhand return to Arthur Fils of France (AP)

 (EPA) (EPA)




Wimbledon 2024: de Minaur takes the first set against Fils

13:38 , Chris Wilson

Arthur Fils 2-6 Alex de Minaur

Good work from de Minaur as his approach to the net forces Fils into an attempted lob that lands out.

Fils goes long with the next shot before de Minaur takes the first set 6-2!

13:34 , Chris Wilson

Arthur Fils 2-5* Alex de Minaur

Signs from Fils that the next set might be more equal, as he races into a 40-0 lead before a long rally ends with him forcing de Minaur back and forth before firing a cross-court winner.

13:31 , Chris Wilson

Arthur Fils *1-5 Alex de Minaur

A bit more fight here from Fils as he fools de Minaur with a drop shot and then forces him into hitting a shot long.

The Aussie goes long once more with an unforced error to bring us back to deuce, but he recovers well to rake a brilliant cross-court into a postage stamp past Fils.

Fils slices into the net on the next point to give de Minaur the game.

13:26 , Chris Wilson

Arthur Fils 1-4* Alex de Minaur

Alex de Minaur races into the 40-0 lead thanks to an ace and some unforced errors from Fils, and another error from the Frenchman crashes against the net for 4-0 in the first set.

But Fils takes his first game of the day, rifling home a couple of aces and conceding just the one point. Much improved there from the Frenchman.

Wimbledon 2024: Arthur Fils v Alex de Minaur

13:19 , Chris Wilson

Arthur Fils 0-3* Alex de Minaur

We move on to Court One, where ninth seed Alex de Minaur faces Frenchman Arthur Fils.

The Australian breaks Fils in the first game and then holds serve to confirm, and we’re already at 2-0 in set one.

Fils goes long on two returns in a row for 30-15 to de Minaur, but the Frenchman drags himself back into it as he approaches the net.

He rifles his next effort into the net to give de Minaur the chance at a double break – but he fires past the baseline for deuce.

The Aussie takes the advantage after Fils drags a shot wide, and the game then goes to the Australian!

Musetti 4-6, 6-3, 6-3, 6-2 Perricard

13:09 , Jack Rathborn

That was a gutsy effort from Musetti, he stayed calm despite a one-set deficit and ruthlessly controlled the power coming his way from Perricard.

He moves to 11-3 on grass this season, the most wins on tour for the surface, with a quarter-final against Zverev or Fritz next.

 (John Walton/PA Wire) (John Walton/PA Wire)

(John Walton/PA Wire)

Musetti beats Perricard 4-6, 6-3, 6-3, 6-2

13:08 , Chris Wilson

Musetti 4-6, 6-3, 6-3, 6-2*Perricard

Perricard wrapped up his last service game in 45 seconds, and he clearly doesn’t want to get into rallies here, but it’s forcing him into mistakes.

He goes long on the return for 15-0 to Musetti, and then scoops into the net when approaching for 30-0 to the Italian.

He looks tired now, hooking a backhand long for three match points.

He rifles in an ace to save himself for now, and then another unreturnable serve for 40-30 to Musetti.

And Musetti takes it after a 30-stroke rally that ends with the Frenchman scooping past the baseline!

13:03 , Chris Wilson

Musetti 4-6, 6-3, 6-3, 5-2* Perricard

Musetti holds serve once again, with Perricard offering him plenty of unforced errors in that game.

Perricard needs to do something special if he wants to stay in the competition now. 5-2, with a rain break potentially on the horizon, and the Frenchman to serve.

12:59 , Chris Wilson

Musetti 4-6, 6-3, 6-3, 4-2* Perricard

Comfortableon his serve for Musetti, as Perricard makes two errors on the return to give the Italian a 40-0 lead.

Musetti hooks a backhand wide for 40-15, but he takes the game after Perricard approaches the net but can only guide his return into the net.

12:56 , Chris Wilson

Musetti *4-6, 6-3, 6-3, 3-1 Perricard

Perricard looks like he’s done out on Court Two, failing to return the serve before Musetti fires in an ace. The Italian takes the game after approaching the net and guiding the winner in.

Better from Perricard on his serve though, and he gets to the net to fire the winner. He does the same next point, but fires a return wide for 30-15.

He takes the game after Musetti mistimes his shot and scoops an easy return wide of the line.

12:51 , Chris Wilson

Musetti *4-6, 6-3, 6-3, 2-0 Perricard

Musetti holds serve within four minutes – he wants to beat the rain and Perricard today.

Perricard goes long with his return for 15-0, and it 30-0 to the Italian after a brief rally at the net ends with Perricard scooping another shot long.

Musetti has the Frenchman on the ropes now – the longest rally of the match ends with Perricard tiredly dragging a cross-court backhand wide of the line.

Three break points for Musetti – and he dispatches a lovely shot down the line after another long rally. He’s broken in just the second game!

Musetti *4-6, 6-3, 6-3 Perricard

12:45 , Chris Wilson

19 unforced errors from Perricard in that set, compared to just three from Musetti.

The Frenchman won only 56 per cent of his first serve points there too.

He’s looking a little bit drained in what is his seventh match so far.

Wimbledon 2024

12:45 , Jack Rathborn

Musetti *4-6, 6-3, 6-3 Perricard

It’s been spitting on No.2 Court for a while, blustery too. But Musetti is coping well in the cool conditions and dispatching a number of winners to combat the erratic Perricard.

The lucky loser is 2-1 down now and must dig deep to keep his unlikely run alive. Some of his serves have missed by far, yet he’s still content to throw down 129mph second serves, even in a game where he tossed away three double faults.

A big set coming up to see if Perricard can extend another match to five sets.

Musetti takes the third set against Perricard

12:44 , Chris Wilson

*Musetti 4-6, 6-3, 6-3 Perricard

Perricard uses a challenge to confirm his shot landed narrowly in, and he gets the 30-0 lead before Musetti claws his way back in.

And he levels things with a brilliant cross-court winner that Perricard can’t return at the net!

And he’s ahead, 40-30, with another excellent cross-court winner. He’s got a break/set point here.

But he misses out for now as Perricard finds the inside of the line with a huge backhand.

He slices against the net though, and Musetti has advantage again – and the Italian takes the third set as Perricard hooks against the net!

12:40 , Chris Wilson

Musetti 4-6, 6-3, 5-3 Perricard*

Musetti races into a 40-0 lead after Perricard forces one shot wide and other long.

The Italian approaches the net but Perricard forces him into the cushioned return from a lob before rifling a passing shot through.

No matter for the Italian though, as he takes the next point and holds serve again.

12:36 , Chris Wilson

*Musetti 4-6, 6-3, 4-3 Perricard

An entertaining first point in the next game, with both players exchanging shots at the net before Perricard guides the winner across the Italian on the volley.

The Italian scoops another shot long and it’s 40-15, though Perricard’s mistake lets him back into it at 40-30.

A silly double fault from the Frenchman makes it deuce – he went for the big second serve again. He double faults again, back-to-back, to give Musetti the advantage and a chance for a second break – but he fires in 130mph serve for deuce again.

Musetti almost takes the win after two brilliant returns down the line, but his second is centimetres too long. The Italian has a third break point as the mild rain begins – but the Frenchman brings us back to deuce with a nice cross-court winner.

An extraordinary point saves Perricard – Musetti tries the inventive lob with the racquet between his legs, but it’s not high enough to beat the 6’8 Frenchman.

Moments ,after, he saves another break point by firing two brilliant overheads, the second of which is unreturnable.

Perricard finally takes it after forcing Musetti wide and then firing the return into acres of empty space.

12:27 , Chris Wilson

Musetti 4-6, 6-3, 4-2 Perricard*

The sky is getting greyer and greyer at the moment, but no sign of a break in play yet.

The sixth game of the set starts off equal, before Perricard skids a return well wide and it’s 40-15 before he knows it.

The next point results in a couple of lovely shots in the rally, before Musetti takes the game with a beautiful backhand passing shot that he guides down the line.

12:22 , Chris Wilson

*Musetti 4-6, 6-3, 3-2 Perricard

A good first serve from Perricard is too much for Musetti, and the Frenchman makes it 30-0 after Musetti scoops a return past the baseline.

Another huge serve – 128mph – is unreturnable, and it’s 40-0.

The Frenchman takes the game with an overhead smash, and will look to answer Musetti’s break in the next game.

12:20 , Chris Wilson

*Musetti 4-6, 6-3, 3-1 Perricard

Perricard could be in trouble here!

The Italian has the break point and he takes it for an early advantage in set three.

The Italian hits a brilliant cross-court winner for 30-15 in the next game, before an almost carbon copy of the shot once more to make it 40-15.

He confirms the break with a silky drop shot that the Frenchman can’t reach.

Musetti takes the second set on Court Two

12:06 , Chris Wilson

Musetti 4-6, 6-3 Perricard

Perricard races to the net to guide a backhand volley home, with a little help from the top if the net.

But Musetti responds with a superb raking cross-court winner past the advancing Frenchman for 30-15.

He gets the next point and he’ll have two set points – he only needs one though, as Perricard hooks a return long and the Italian takes the second set!

12:03 , Chris Wilson

Musetti 4-6, *5-3 Perricard

A lovely dustuigsed drop shot from Musetti puts him 40-15 up, so he has two break points.

And Perricard double faults! What a risk – he went for the big second serve and it landed miles wide.

Musetti will serve for the set.

11:59 , Chris Wilson

Musetti 4-6, 4-3* Perricard

Another fairly one-sided game for the one serving, with Perricard scuffing a couple of shots to give Musetti the 40-15 lead before the Frenchman can’t return the serve. Another hold for 4-3.

11:41 , Jack Rathborn

Musetti 4-6, *1-1 Perricard

Musetti entered Wimbledon with the most wins on grass this year and a 10-2 record.

A solid service game to open the second set sees Musetti target the Perricard forehand out wide on the love side of the court.

A comfy hold, just what the Italian needed after dropping a tight opener.

In a flash, Perricard holds, coming in with aggression and calmly cushioning a backhand volley away from Musetti to hold.

Wimbledon 2024

11:34 , Jack Rathborn

Musetti *4-6 Perricard

Who is attacking most?

Well, Musetti is attacking just 25% of the time, and Perricard is attacking in 37% of the points.

The more aggressive player is being rewarded so far, it helps when your first serve is easily touching 130mph.

A wayward forehand back across court on the run from Musetti drifts out. Set point…

But that’s a sloppy backhand from Perricard and he spurns his first shot at claiming the first set. But that’s enough, 139mph, 6-4 to Perricard and big step for the giant Frenchman towards the quart-erfinals.

Unforced errors? Well, Musetti made just two to Perricard’s nine. But he could only make five winners to his opponent’s 10. With 27 points each, it was a tight first set.

Wimbledon 2024

11:32 , Jack Rathborn

Musetti 4-5* Perricard

The towering Frenchman makes light work holding to confirm the break.

Now Musetti serving to stay in the set. But Perricard is bullying his opponent somewhat, stepping in and swiping the ball deep and wide of Musetti’s stance.

But the Italian approaches the net well and puts away a smash to edge ahead once more.

And Perricard lets one go and will now serve to claim the first set.

 (John Walton/PA Wire) (John Walton/PA Wire)

(John Walton/PA Wire)

Wimbledon 2024

11:23 , Jack Rathborn

Musetti 3-4* Perricard

A crunch game for both men here, Perricard digging out a delicate drop shot with a volley. But at 0-30, the Italian swipes a fine winner and brings himself back into the contest at 30-30.

A chip and run from Perricard and Musetti nets to bring up break point but Musetti salvages the first. But the Italian’s forehand sails long in the next point and another unforced error is enough for the lucky loser to strike first, he leads 4-3 with a break.

 (John Walton/PA Wire) (John Walton/PA Wire)

(John Walton/PA Wire)

Wimbledon 2024: Order of play on Monday

11:21 , Chris Wilson

Here’s a reminder of the scheduled order of play today on the main courts.

NOW on Court Two – (25) Lorenzo Musetti 3-2 Giovanni Mpetshi Perricard

1pm Court One – Arthur Fils v (9) Alex de Minaur

1.30pm Centre Court – (4) Elena Rybakina v (17) Anna Kalinskaya

2pm Court Two – (21) Elina Svitolina v Wang Xinyu

2.45pm Centre Court – (13) Taylor Fritz v (4) Alexander Zverev

3pm Court One – Yulia Putintseva v (13) Jelena Ostapenko

4.15pm Court One – (11) Danielle Collins v (31) Barbora Krejcikova

4.45pm Centre Court – (15) Holger Rune v (2) Novak Djokovic

The full order of play can be seen below.


Wimbledon order of play and Monday’s schedule

Iga Swiatek booed out of Wimbledon as Yulia Putintseva halts 21-match win streak

10:30 , Jack Rathborn

World number one Iga Swiatek suffered more Wimbledon woe after she was booed on Court One before she crashed out in the third round to Yulia Putintseva.

Swiatek was on a 21-match winning streak and looked on course to cruise into the last 16 at the All England Club when she claimed the opener, but the Kazakhstan player hit back with a brilliant second set where she broke twice.

Four-time French Open champion Swiatek raced off court before the decider and when she eventually returned faced boos from an impatient crowd.


Iga Swiatek booed out of Wimbledon as Yulia Putintseva halts 21-match win streak

Wimbledon’s ‘Last 8 Club’ and why winners get free tickets for life

10:20 , Jack Rathborn

The fourth round of Wimbledon gets underway on Sunday with players knowing they are just one more win away from the quarter-finals of the Championships.

It’s a special stage of the tournament as the second week begins and the contenders for the titles are narrowed down, while there is also more than prize money at stake.

Reaching the quarter-finals of the men’s and women’s singles at the All England Club earns players £375,000, as well as entry into an exclusive Wimbledon group.


Wimbledon’s ‘Last 8 Club’ and why winners get free tickets for life

Wimbledon 2024 commentators and presenters: BBC line-up including Nick Kyrgios, Clare Balding and John McEnroe

09:00 , Jack Rathborn

Wimbledon returns to our screens over the next fortnight after a thrilling tournament last year that culminated in Carlos Alcaraz defeating Novak Djokovic in an epic men’s final watched by an audience of over 15 million.

There was a significant change in the BBC’s coverage last year, as Clare Balding succeeded Sue Barker as the face of Wimbledon. Barker had been the BBC’s lead Wimbledon presenter for 30 years.

And there is a controversial addition to the coverage this year, with Nick Kyrgios, the Australian star and Wimbledon runner-up two years ago, joining the BBC to offer commentary while he remains sidelined by injury.


Wimbledon 2024 commentators and BBC presenters including Nick Kyrgios

Wimbledon Monday order of play: Past champions Elena Rybakina and Novak Djokovic return on Day 8

08:31 , Jack Rathborn

Novak Djokovic returns to action as the fourth round of Wimbledon continues, with the seven-time champion facing Holger Rune in the match of the day on Centre Court.

Rune, 21, has beaten Djokovic in two of their five meetings and the confident Dane will fancy his chances of taking down the seven-time champion at Wimbledon. .

Elsewhere, Elena Rybakina is looking strong and the 2022 champion Anna Kalinskaya in a wide-open section of the women’s draw after Yulia Putintsevka knocked out world No 1 Iga Swiatek.


Wimbledon order of play and Monday’s schedule

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