What’s the Best Queer Book You’ve Read In 2024 So Far?

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It’s almost the end of June, which is always a tricky time. For one thing, we’re almost done Pride Month. Luckily, we keep the spirit of Pride all year around here — plus, my city celebrates well into July. But the end of June also means we’re at the halfway point of the year, which is a good time for reflection. Is the year going the way you hoped? Is there anything you want to change? Of course, this is Our Queerest Shelves, so I’m most interested in our reading lives. How has your reading been going so far in 2024? Which new favorite queer books have you discovered so far? And that brings me to…

Our Queerest Shelves Mid-Year Check-In Survey

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Last year, I put together a survey to hear what your 2023 reading year was like, and I loved getting your feedback and recommendations! This year, I thought I’d do a mid-year check-in. This survey is just a few questions, and you don’t have to answer all of them. Click here to fill out the survey. It will be open until the end of the day on June 30th, and then I’ll tally together your responses and share them with you. One note: for the feedback question, I, too, would love to have no ads and no paid content, but unfortunately, we live in capitalism and I would not be able to be paid for writing this newsletter that way. Alas! I would like to hear anything else you’d like to see in the newsletter, though, whether it’s specific recommendations or more general notes.

LGBTQ Book Riot Post

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