Two Mahindra Scorpio owners busted for stunting on the road: Fined Rs. 52,000 each [Video]

Bareilly Police issued a challan to two men after a video of them doing stunts on the roads became viral on the Internet. The video became viral on the Internet and the police issued Rs 52,000 each to the vehicle owners.

The video was posted on social media platforms who complained about the stunts. The police then traced the registration number of the vehicles and issued the challans to the respective owners.

In the video, we could see how the people standing on the bonnet of the car. On another Scorpio that was following the first Scorpio, there is another man was spotted hanging out of the vehicle. The stunts were recorded from another vehicle that was in front of them.

Engaging in any form of stunts on public roads is strictly prohibited, and those involved can face serious repercussions. In a similar incident last year, a group of youths from Mumbai were sentenced to six months in jail for performing such a stunt. While such occurrences are not uncommon, they often go unnoticed by law enforcement until footage emerges or CCTV cameras capture the act, prompting a subsequent investigation.

Performing stunts on public roads

Viral videos have frequently led to legal issues, particularly when they depict violations of road regulations. Thanks to the introduction of the online challan system, the police now possess the ability to levy fines even if the offense isn’t witnessed firsthand.

Most major cities have established an extensive network of CCTV cameras that are diligently monitored by dedicated police personnel. Violations are identified by tracking the vehicle’s registration number, and penalties are administered accordingly. Nevertheless, it’s important to acknowledge that certain online challans might be incorrect due to faulty or inaccurate number plates.

India holds one of the highest rates of road accidents globally, with a significant portion resulting in fatalities. Numerous lives are tragically lost due to reckless driving and non-compliance with traffic rules. The overarching aim of surveillance systems is to curtail the number of individuals partaking in hazardous maneuvers on the roads, ultimately bolstering road safety.

The video depicts the youths seated on the vehicle’s bonnet as it navigates through traffic. Both youngsters are engaged in taking pictures and conversing while the vehicle remains in motion. Notably, neither of them is donning any safety gear, such as helmets or protective accessories like knee or elbow pads. Engaging in such stunts holds significant potential for accidents. The mere thought of sliding off the bonnet while the vehicle continues its movement could result in a catastrophic outcome.

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