Trump Is Guilty and the Memes Are Plenty

“I wish you well.”Gwyneth Paltrow tells convicted felon Donald Trump in a popular online meme (screenshot Hyperallergic)

As we gear up for what is surely the most soul-crushing election year in the history of our imperiled democracy, the slow-turning wheels of justice have delivered a small victory for creatures of good conscience. The 45th United States President and sack of worms in a man-suit, Donald J. Trump, was found guilty on 34 charges of falsifying business records in an effort to influence the 2016 presidential election.

Whether or not this will affect his election prospects in November or his standing with his cult following remains to be seen, but where there is a glimmer of justice, there is hope. And where there is hope, there are memes.

We waited with bated breath hoping for a hot serving of comeuppance for the man who has been costing us untold sleep and thousands in antacids over the last decade … and just like Domino’s, Lady Justice delivered.

Yes, it is gratifying to imagine the man who has held many of us in an existential prison of sorts for the last eight years might be heading to a prison of his own. A more literal one, with cells and public showering and ideally a cellmate named Death Head who is not called that because he likes moths.

Kinda makes you want to sing.

Even when deep down it’s hard to believe that this will affect anything.

This also is a moment to reflect on how we each are guilty of other forms of falsification, and do a little Future-tripping.

Meanwhile, it’s important to let people have their moment, and by people, we mean our liberal dads, who have been experiencing low-to-high-grade hypertensive rage while refusing to turn off MSNBC for the last eight years.

Though really it’s a win for people of all ages.

Of course, we all know who is really behind this.


While conservative media gives itself whiplash trying to spin this any way they can, the denizens of public information are just doing their best to keep the record straight.

As the old saying goes, they who meme first, lol best, but it’s not just the internet that’s been characteristically quick on the draw.

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It’s also a great time for Donald Trump impersonators, who now have a whole new rich trove of material.

But let’s not forget the real winner here, because for once in his divisive political career, Trump has finally managed to bring the people together.

In closing, as John Oliver would say: and now, this.

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