Tracy Anderson Launches Fragrance

Tracy Anderson is now a beauty entrepreneur.

The fitness mogul, whose workout classes are beloved by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham, is entering the fragrance sector. Her first products, a candle and an eau de parfum, will be available on for pre-sale shopping from a dedicated e-commerce site on Thursday. Rollout into retail will likely follow.

The Heartstone Rose & Vanilla fragrance and candle have notes of lemongrass, geranium and musk. They will sell for $125 and $65 respectively.

Anderson created the scents as an extension of her existing Heartstone franchise, which includes hand weights studded with rose quartz stones. Like those products, the fragrance items are also designed to get the consumer closer to a more mindful life.

”If you want to become a really enlightened being… you can’t really participate in social media… you have to retreat from the flaws of modern society,” said Anderson. “I’m not asking people to go those extreme lengths.”

Notes in the fragrances such as rosemary, geranium and rose are meant to help the wearer have a more grounding experience, and connect to their “higher self,” said Anderson, who added that the fragrance is designed to help the wearer uplift and amplify themselves.

“Scent is not only soothing; it also invites other people to be attracted to you,” she said. “[If you wear it], you’re gonna get hit on a lot,” she said.

The launch is a joint venture between Anderson and Slate Brands, a brand incubator that previously created a fragrance for the singer Hayley Kiyoko. Anderson is interested in launching into retailers, but the right one “would have to take a chance on something that is more natural, or a brand that stands for holistic health,” she said, adding that she admires the ‘Clean at Sephora’ edit.

Launches of celebrity-led fragrances show no signs of slowing down — the model Bella Hadid launched a “mood-boosting” line called Orebella last month. Anderson said she believes the products can overcome any celebrity brand fatigue.

“I know that I’m doing this in an authentic way, and I’m also having fun with the people that I love in the world and creating a community,” she said.

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