Toyota’s Mini LandCruiser To Be Cheaper Than Fortuner: Fresh Render + New Details

A piece of good news has arrived for all the Toyota SUV enthusiasts. It has been reported that the company is working on a mini Land Cruiser model. As per the reports, it will be priced lower than the current generation Fortuner. Recently, a few new renders of what this upcoming mini Land Cruiser have been shared online. Additionally, a few new key details have also been shared.

Fresh Render Reveals Stylish Design

The latest render of the mini Land Cruiser comes courtesy of Bestcarweb Japan. The images showcase a design reminiscent of the iconic Land Cruiser lineage. It features bold lines and a boxy silhouette reminiscent of classic models like the 20 series and 40 series.

According to reports, this new mini Land Cruiser could be 4500 mm in length, 1830 mm in width, and 1850 mm in height. As for the wheelbase, it could measure around 2750mm. Additionally, it could weigh around 1500 kg and comes equipped with a 4WD system.

Toyota Mini Land Cruiser side


Coming to the key details of this forthcoming Toyota mini Land Cruiser SUV. It has been reported that it most likely will utilize a rugged ladder frame chassis. Some sources claim that it will be based on the IMV0 (Zero) chassis.

This particular chassis debuted as the “Hilux Champ.” Toyota claims that this new chassis offers adaptability for various body styles and versatility for adventurous vehicles like this mini Land Cruiser.

Toyota Mini Land cruiser rear


Coming to the powertrain being considered for this mini Land Cruiser. It has been stated that the company could utilize the 2TR-FE straight 2.7L petrol engine. This motor delivers reliable performance with an output of 163 PS and 246 Nm of torque.

Sources have stated that hybrid options were considered but have been abandoned. Also, a diesel turbo variant (1GD-FTV inline 4, 2.8L) was also considered but dropped. This could be due to issues related to the recent diesel emissions scandal at Toyota.

Competitive Pricing

At the moment, speculations are that if launched in India it will slot underneath the mighty Fortuner. This means that the Mini LandCruiser is expected to be priced competitively.

The Japanese market’s estimated price range is believed to be around 3.5 million to 4.5 million yen. When converted to Indian currency, it comes to about Rs 19-25 lakh.

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ front back

Currently, the Toyota Fortuner starts at Rs 33.43 lakh and goes up to Rs 51.44 lakh for the Legender variant. Most likely this new SUV will take on the rivals such as the upcoming 5 door Mahindra Thar and Tata Sierra in India. What’s yet to be confirmed though is whether the new Toyota SUV will get 7-seats.

Launch of the mini Land Cruiser

Initial reports hinted at a 2024 release, with production aiming for a line-off in November. However, recent reports suggest a potential delay because of the Toyota Group’s diesel emission scandals.

Now while the exact timeline remains uncertain, enthusiasts can anticipate an announcement by December 2024. And deliveries are likely to commence in late 2025. Presently, the exact date of the launch for the Indian market has not been revealed.

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