The Smallest Zumba Instructor Ever! [Video]

This is the smallest Zumba instructor ever! She is so adorable and so confident up there teaching this Zumba class. If you love Zumba then you’re going to love this Zumba video. This little Zumba instructor is so sweet and really gets into the dance! You have to check it out!

She has little shoes to fill…

Audrey is a tiny girl with a big heart…for Zumba!

Not only does she teach a class, she stood on stage at this year’s Zumba convention and led a group of her fellow instructors in a routine that wowed the crowd.

For anyone who ever felt they couldn’t Zumba, Audrey is the person to see!

Not only is she cute as a button, even though she’s got a rare bone disorder she proves that anyone who wants to dance just has to get out there and shake it.

Seriously, can she be any cuter?

Audrey has a whole lot of heart and a whole lot of people love her (as evidence by the number of videos she has online)! 

I know I’m a huge fan, and I’m thinking it’s definitely time for me to start Zumba.


Wanna take a zumba class with me?

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