The BoF Podcast | Héctor Bellerín on Football, Fashion and His New Brand, Gospel Estudios

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Footballer Héctor Bellerín first made a name for himself with his defensive skills on the pitch but it’s his outspoken views and distinctive personal style that have transformed the Spanish right-back into a cultural trailblazer.

Now, Héctor, who has been called “the world’s best-dressed footballer”, is launching a new label, Gospel Estudios, which has served a creative outlet as he continues to play football.

“This was a way to recharge my battery. It was a way of learning something new, do stuff with my hands, trying new things. It was a process of discovery and learning and trial and error,” he says.

This week on The BoF Podcast, Héctor sits down with me to talk about the burgeoning relationship between fashion and football, how he developed his strong sense of personal style, and to share his plans for the launch of Gospel Estudios for the first time on The Business of Fashion.

Key Insights:

  • After starting his career in Barcelona, Bellerin moved to London in 2011 to play for Arsenal. During his nine years at the club his off-duty style gained him both media admiration and criticism. “I got a lot of stick when I was at Arsenal and things didn’t go well, a lot of people used to say he’s not playing well because he’s focused on fashion,” he says.
  • Héctor Bellerín looked to another footballer, David Beckham, as an example of how to bridge the gap between fashion and sport. “He opened doors for everyone. And I think not just in football, but for men overall … In these very masculine places it’s very hard to be different.”
  • At Gospel Estudios, dependence, rather than independence, is the foundation upon which Bellerín is building his sustainable brand. “My mom works in the studio. My friend’s dad works in the studio. My granddad repaired sewing machines back in the day so he repairs the same machines,” he says. “It’s important to let people know that we are dependent. We are dependent on a lot of people.”
  • Sharing his philosophy on responsible consumption, Bellerín encourages potential buyers of Gospel Estudios to really think about the item in question before they buy it. “Take the time to just breathe and think, is this something that I am ready to have a relationship with? Because this is what it is.”

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