The Bestselling Books of the Week, According to All the Lists

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There are no new additions to the bestseller list this week, but there are some shake-ups. Fourth Wing continues to sell well — it’s on all five bestseller lists — but it’s no longer in the number one spot, and the sequel has slid off several of the lists. Instead, the undisputed champion of this week’s bestsellers is Kristin Hannah’s newest: The Women. You might recognize her as the author of the book club darling The Nightingale.

To get these numbers, we look at the USA Today overall top 10; Publishers Weekly overall top 10; the New York Times top 10, both Combined Print & E-Book Fiction and Combined Print & E-Book Nonfiction lists; Amazon Charts top 10, both Fiction and Nonfiction; and Indie Bestsellers top 10, Fiction and Nonfiction, both Paperback and Hardcover. New additions to the list this week are bolded.

This list continues to have a lack of diversity on many levels, including being disproportionately by white authors. Some other bestsellers you should know about are Medgar & Myrlie by Joy-Ann Reid (NYT & Amazon Bestsellers) and Caste by Isabel Wilkerson (NYT Bestseller).

Books On All Five Bestseller Lists:

The Women by Kristin Hannah (Publishers Weekly #1, USA Today #1, NYT #1, Amazon #1, Indie Bestsellers #1)

Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros (Publishers Weekly #7, USA Today #4, NYT #6, Publishers Weekly #2, USA Today #5)

Books On Four Bestseller Lists:

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas (Publishers Weekly #4, USA Today #2, Amazon #4, Indie Bestsellers #2)

Bride by Ali Hazelwood (Publishers Weekly #5, USA Today #8, NYT #3, Indie Bestsellers #1)

The Teacher by Freida McFadden (Publishers Weekly #6, USA Today #5, NYT #7, Amazon #2)

Iron Flame by Rebecca Yarros (Publishers Weekly #9, NYT #4, Amazon #5, Indie Bestsellers #7)

Books On Three Bestseller Lists:

cover of The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store by James McBride

House of Flame and Shadow by Sarah J. Maas (NYT #5, Amazon #3, Indie Bestsellers #3)

Atomic Habits by James Clear (Publishers Weekly #8, Amazon #1, Indie Bestsellers #4)

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk (NYT #3, Amazon #6, Indie Bestsellers #6)

The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store by James McBride (NYT #8, Publishers Weekly #8, USA Today #2)

Outlive: The Science & Art of Longevity by Peter Attia (NYT #5, Amazon #5, Indie Bestsellers #10)

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