Tata Sierra.EV Interior And Possible Production Version Revealed (Video)

Tata Motors has finally showcased the brand-new near-production version of the much-anticipated Tata Sierra.EV electric SUV. At the moment, the launch date for this SUV has not been revealed. However, a recently shared in-depth walkaround of this SUV shows all of its new design details. This particular model showcased at the Bharat Mobility Global Auto Expo is much different than the initial concept shown by the company back in 2020. As of yet, the company has only shown the EV variant of the Sierra, but it has announced that it will be coming with ICE powertrains as well.

The video of the new Tata Sierra.EV’s near-production model has been shared on YouTube by Rajni Chaudhary on their channel. It starts off with the presenter introducing the newly revealed model. She states that the original Tata Sierra was an iconic vehicle and the company is bringing back this badge once again. Following the introduction, the presenter then starts with the detailed walkaround of the new Sierra.EV.

Tata Sierra.EV near-production: Exterior design

Starting off at the front, the host first shows the front-end design of the new Sierra.EV. She states that like most of the new Tata cars, the new Sierra.EV will also come equipped with full-width LED DRL. It will also get a brand-new front fascia with a lot of aggressive lines and creases. It will also get a set of LED headlights and a chunky front bumper with a smart-looking high-gloss black bumper. This near-production variant was also seen with a massive silver skid plate on the lower front bumper as well. Another unique detail about this showcased model was its illuminated Tata logo in the center.

Tata Sierra.EV Interior And Possible Production Version Revealed (Video)

Next up, the presenter then moves to the side profile of the car. She states that the company with this new model has given it a more traditional 5-door setup unlike its predecessor which came with a two-door configuration. The company, however, has tried to mimic the old glass-top design for the rear by separating the two halves of the car with a high-gloss roof. This particular model shown at the show was also equipped with massive 20-inch diamond-cut spider-style alloy wheels. However, whether they will be coming with the production version has not been revealed.

Tata Sierra.EV Interior And Possible Production Version Revealed (Video)

After showing the interior, she also shows the boxy rear end of the Sierra.EV which gets a much more modern-looking design with a massive glass area and a black rear bumper with a big silver skid plate. She also mentions that like the front, the rear will also get a connected LED taillight which adds to its modern design appeal.

Tata Sierra.EV near-production: Interior design

Tata Sierra.EV Interior And Possible Production Version Revealed (Video)

Following the exterior walkaround, the presenter then shows the main highlight of the new Tata Sierra.EV which is its interior. So far we had only seen the interior of the concept version which had a very minimalistic layout. Now for the interior of the model shown at the show, it was equipped with a much more production-ready layout. The presenter first mentions that the car at the show was equipped with a flat-bottom steering wheel with an illuminated Tata logo in the center. It also was equipped with two digital screens; however, these two have not been integrated. But they have been placed right next to each other.

The one on the left looks like a 10.25-inch unit and the one in front of the driver also looks like a 10.25-inch digital instrument gauge cluster. This particular screen will get a thick bezel which will separate it from the infotainment screen. Apart from this, the overall dashboard gets a layered design with the top half finished in dark leather and the lower half finished in white color. The car was also seen with touch-based HVAC controls and a smartly placed and designed gear knob.

Tata Sierra.EV Interior And Possible Production Version Revealed (Video)

The Sierra.EV’s interior was equipped with a lot of high-gloss black elements along with a number of copper-colored elements as well. She adds that Tata Motors has utilized a lot of recycled materials on the car along with fabric and leather upholstery as well. Following this, she shows the uniquely designed front and rear seats. She states that the car will come with an airy cabin and a five-seat layout. However, most likely these seats will be changed in the production version of the SUV. She concludes the video by stating that most likely the car will come with a 60 kWh battery pack and offer a range of around 500-550 km.

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