Stacks Price Pumps 11% as New 99Bitcoins Token Receives Analyst Backing

Crypto investors are buzzing after Stacks (STX) rocketed 11% in the past 24 hours.

This surge comes after Stacks announced a high-profile partnership that has the potential to massively enhance the network’s security.

Meanwhile, a new player has entered the scene – 99Bitcoins Token (99BTC) – and is generating traction after receiving endorsements from two top crypto analysts.

STX Rallies Above $1.60 with Massive Spot Trading Volumes

Stacks has rallied since yesterday and is now trading at $1.66.

This rally has pushed STX to the top of CoinMarketCap’s gainers list, catching the eye of traders and investors.

STX’s spot volumes have also rocketed by 130%, hitting $170 million.

That’s a clear sign of growing speculative interest in the token.

But what’s fueling this sudden rise?

The answer lies in a recent announcement that has piqued the interest of the crypto community.

Earlier this week, Stacks revealed a major partnership with Hypernative, a leading real-time threat detection and response platform.

This partnership aims to beef up security across the entire Stacks ecosystem, from its core protocol to the projects building on it.

Stacks and Hypernative’s collaboration couldn’t have come at a better time.

With the former gearing up for its 2024 Nakamoto release, which promises faster speeds and safer transactions, this strategic move has boosted confidence among investors.

What is Stacks & Why All The Hype?

So, what is Stacks?

Stacks is like a bridge between Bitcoin and the world of smart contracts.

Imagine Bitcoin as a secure vault and Stacks as the key that unlocks its potential.

Here’s how it works: While Bitcoin is great for storing value, it’s not designed for complex transactions or dApps.

That’s where Stacks comes in.

It’s a separate blockchain that can communicate with Bitcoin, allowing developers to build smart contracts and dApps that tap into Bitcoin’s massive network.

It gives investors and developers the best of both worlds.

With Stacks, developers could build a DeFi app that uses BTC as collateral, or an NFT marketplace backed by Bitcoin’s reputation.

It’s opening up a new playground for developers while keeping its roots in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

The native STX token is at the heart of the Stacks blockchain.

It’s used to pay for transactions, execute smart contracts, and participate in network governance.

STX holders can also “stack” their tokens, locking them up to earn Bitcoin rewards.

This unique feature ties Stacks even closer to the Bitcoin network.

99Bitcoins Token Goes Viral as Learn-to-Earn Project Hits $2.3M in Presale

But it’s not just Stacks that is performing well this week.

The new Learn-to-Earn project 99Bitcoins Token is also turning heads, having just passed the $2.3 million mark in its presale phase.

During this presale, early investors can buy 99BTC, the project’s native token, for just $0.00113.

However, that price will only last for four more days.

Thanks to the presale’s stage-based setup, the 99BTC price rises over time – encouraging investors to get in early.

This is one of the key factors behind 99Bitcoins Token’s early success.

Yet there’s much more to the project than just a low token price.

Most importantly, 99Bitcoins Token will feature a way for crypto investors to earn rewards simply by learning about Web3 topics.

As detailed in the project’s whitepaper, investors who complete quizzes, tutorials, and courses will earn 99BTC tokens.

These tokens can then be staked – with estimated yields quoted at 704% annually.

Unsurprisingly, this dual-earning setup has caught the attention of some top crypto names.

Crypto Gains, an analyst with a YouTube channel boasting 135,000 subscribers, recently released a video on 99Bitcoins Token.

He was full of praise, speculating that 99BTC’s price could surge post-listing.

And Crypto Gains’ endorsement was backed up by fellow analyst Michael Wrubel, who also reviewed 99BTC in a YouTube video.

These two shoutouts have compounded the hype around the project.

So, while Stacks might be drawing most of the attention, 99Bitcoins Token is also getting people excited.

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