Some Analysts Bullish on 99Bitcoins Token as New BRC-20 Token Raises $2M in Viral Presale

99Bitcoins Token is shaping up as crypto’s next big disruptive project.

And some analysts are beginning to take notice.

With over $2 million now raised in its limited-time presale phase, 99Bitcoins Token (99BTC) is attracting massive attention as it gears up for its transition to Bitcoin’s BRC-20 standard.

99Bitcoins Token Offers Learn-to-Earn Model for Crypto Education

99Bitcoins Token offers a solution for crypto beginners struggling with advanced concepts and technical jargon.

Built by the team behind the 99Bitcoins educational platform, this token offers an entirely new approach to learning.

99Bitcoins Token has a “Learn-to-Earn” model that incentivizes users to increase their blockchain knowledge.

It’s an addictive cycle: users complete courses or quizzes on crypto topics and earn 99BTC tokens as rewards.

Once users level up their crypto skills and earn 99BTC tokens, they can stake them to earn high annual yields.

Right now, 99BTC staking yields are estimated at 820% per year.

99Bitcoins Token’s team has essentially gamified an entire crypto education system in a way that hasn’t been seen before.

It’s an ambitious approach that has already captured the attention of investors.

Over $2 million has been raised in the project’s ongoing presale, with 99BTC tokens on offer for just $0.00108.

Investors can purchase tokens using ETH, USDT, BNB, or a credit/debit card.

BRC-20 Standard Launch Prompts Hype for 99Bitcoins Token

While the Learn-to-Earn model is grabbing headlines, the 99Bitcoins Token team has an even bolder plan – migrating the token to the new BRC-20 standard.

By transitioning to BRC-20, 99Bitcoins Token will exist on the world’s largest (and most secure) blockchain.

It’s a bold plan, but if achieved, it would make 99BTC the first crypto education token on the Bitcoin network.

That cutting-edge integration could pay massive dividends down the line.

After all, holders of 99BTC aren’t just earning a token that can be traded – they’re also unlocking a suite of crypto services.

As outlined in the project’s whitepaper, these include exclusive training courses, insider trading signals, and even access to elite community groups.

Essentially, 99Bitcoins Token’s team is creating an entire learning ecosystem powered by 99BTC.

The total supply of 99BTC will also be capped at 99 billion to prevent inflationary tokenomics.

And with 10.5% of the supply (almost 10.4 billion tokens) set aside for presale buyers, there’s clearly a strong focus on community building.

99BTC Presale Gains Traction with Analyst Backing & Mainstream Coverage

Several prominent YouTube analysts have begun covering 99BTC and discussing its utility.

For example, Michael Wrubel praised the project’s Learn-to-Earn setup during a deep dive video.

Crypto Gains also piled on – urging his followers to “grab some” 99BTC before the token’s open market launch.

Perhaps most crucially, though, the token itself has passed a smart contract audit by the blockchain specialists at SolidProof.

That’s important for a project taking the ambitious leap to Bitcoin’s new BRC-20 standard.

With that extra layer of security, it’s no wonder people are piling into 99Bitcoins Token’s Telegram channel to learn more.

All in all, the future of this crypto education protocol looks bright.

If the development team can deliver on its roadmap and vision, 99Bitcoins Token might just become the go-to platform for crypto learning.

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