Sealana’s $3M+ Meme Coin Presale Enters Final Stage as Some Analysts Forecast Big Gains

Taking a chubby seal mascot and turning it into the next meme coin sensation has been the goal for Sealana’s team.

And against all odds, it looks like they’ve achieved that goal.

Sealana’s (SEAL) presale phase is now in its home stretch, and with investors offered one final chance to buy in, there’s an enormous buzz around the project.

Buzz Builds as Sealana Presale Enters Home Stretch

Most crypto investors will have heard about Sealana’s meme coin presale on social media.

But for those who haven’t, here’s an overview: It’s an early round in which investors can buy SEAL tokens at a set price before they hit the open market.

The Sealana presale has been live since May 1, but now the countdown is on for it to come to an end.

Sealana’s team announced the presale will wrap up on June 25 at 6pm UTC.

That means there are just over two weeks left to buy SEAL at the discounted rate of $0.022.

If this level of hype can be sustained, DEX listings for SEAL will likely follow shortly after.

That’s when it will become obvious whether the token can produce a price rally.

Interestingly, there have been multiple examples of similar presale projects that have gone on to cement themselves in the crypto market.

Slothana (SLOTH), the sloth-themed token on Solana, generated enormous hype before its presale ended, then exploded after its DEX listing.

SEAL Token Airdrop Planned Before Highly-Anticipated DEX Launch

Investors can expect their Sealana tokens to be airdropped directly to their wallets within days of the presale ending on June 25.

There is no messing around with manual token claims or paying gas fees – the Sealana team is keeping it simple by automatically sending the SEAL tokens to investors.

All that’s required is to sit and wait.

Speaking of those tokens, what actually is SEAL, and what can it be used for?

Importantly, this isn’t just another doge-inspired meme coin clone or a remake of another joke token.

SEAL takes a different angle by featuring an overweight seal who is a proud American patriot decked out in stars and stripes outfits.

This hilarious style gives off big South Park vibes, too.

So, in a sense, it’s like the creators have combined the nostalgia of that cartoon with the hype around meme coins.

It’s an unlikely combination, but one that is working so far.

Sealana Presale Hype Goes Mainstream with YouTuber Shoutouts

The hype around Sealana shows no signs of slowing as the presale heads towards its finale.

On Twitter, the project’s official account has amassed 12,000 followers in just over one month.

Their Telegram group isn’t far behind either, with a growing community of 8,400 members speculating about SEAL’s future potential.

The token has been turning heads and gaining credibility on crypto rating sites. currently has SEAL ranked 2nd out of hundreds of upcoming crypto launches on their platform.

Even major YouTubers have got involved in the hype.

Channels like Cilinix Crypto and Oscar Ramos have put SEAL on their subscribers’ radars as the presale draws to a close.

When a meme coin starts getting shoutouts from channels like these, it’s a sign that it’s gone mainstream.

All of this buzz is peaking just as the planned DEX listing draws closer.

If the community momentum keeps growing at this pace, it could be interesting once Sealana makes its open market debut in the coming weeks.

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