Mahindra Thar Driver Blocks KSRTC Bus Overtaking From Opposite Lane [Video]

Bus drivers flouting traffic rules is a common sight on Indian roads. We have come across several incidents from different parts of the country where such dangerous driving by heavy vehicle drivers has often led to accidents. Here we have an incident from Kerala where a car driver blocked the way of a government bus that was trying to overtake another vehicle by moving into the opposite lane. The video has gone viral on the internet since then.

The video, seen here, has been shared by Mediaone TV Live on their YouTube channel. It was recorded by the dash camera of the vehicle that blocked the way. In the video, we can see that the car was passing through a narrow single-lane road. The exact location where this happened is not clear from the video.

We see a bus and a car coming from the opposite direction. Just behind the private bus and the car, there is a KSRTC bus trying to overtake both these vehicles. The bus was already in the opposite lane and preparing to overtake. However, the Mahindra Thar driver coming from the opposite direction noticed that the bus was in his lane.

Instead of giving way, the Mahindra Thar driver drove right towards the bus. The bus driver also had no intention of returning to his lane, so he slowed down. Both the car and the bus stopped right in front of each other. Then the waiting game started. The bus driver waited for the SUV to move, and the car driver waited for the bus driver to return to his lane.

Meanwhile, other vehicles were passing on the left and right sides of the road. The bus driver soon realized that the Mahindra Thar driver was not going to move from his spot, so he slowly started turning the steering wheel away and moved back to his lane. It should be noted that the car had blocked the way of a government bus and the driver had stopped a government official on duty. This is actually an offense; however, in this case, things are a bit different.

KSRTC overtaking from opposite lane

The bus driver was rightfully overtaking in a spot with broken white lines; however, the basic rule while trying to overtake a vehicle in front of you is to look for oncoming traffic.

If you spot vehicles coming from the opposite direction, never overtake. Always look for a window where there are no vehicles from the opposite direction and only overtake when it is safe.

The bus driver definitely spotted the car coming from the opposite direction, but even then, he did not move back to his own lane. Instead, he decided to stay in the opposite lane and wanted the car driver to drive around the bus. The bus driver shouldn’t have done that as he was wasting his own time and the time of the other passengers on the bus.

People driving such heavy vehicles should be extremely patient as they are ferrying people. By doing such dangerous overtaking maneuvers on the road, the driver is not only putting his own life but the lives of other road users and the passengers at risk.

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