Kia Carens MPVs modified from base trim to top-end trims [Video]

Kia Carens is one of the most popular MPVs currently for sale in India. This MPV offers a unique exterior design, and its top-spec variants come equipped with a ton of features. However, its base variants do not come with many of them. For this reason, many people like to modify their base models to look like the more expensive variants. Recently, a video showing two such modified Kia Carens has been shared online. Although the cars were the same when they left the factory, in this video, both have been modified to look very different with the use of various aftermarket parts.

The video of the Kia Carens base variant, modified to look like a top variant, has been shared on YouTube by Vig Auto Accessories on their channel. The video starts off with the presenter stating that this is one of the most unique videos of the Kia Carens from his side. He adds that this video will showcase all the important accessories available for the Kia Carens Premium, Prestige, and Prestige Plus variants. After that, the presenter starts listing off the modifications done on the side profile of this base variant Kia Carens.

Firstly, the presenter of the video shows the side profile of the car. He states that as the base variant of the Kia Carens does not come with alloy wheels. He then adds that alloy wheels, however, play a major role in a car’s overall appearance. So for this reason, they have added genuine Kia diamond-cut alloy wheels from the luxury line variants of this MPV. Next up, he shows the genuine Kia window visors added by them on the top, along with the genuine Kia lower window garnishes. After these, the presenter highlights that they have also added high-gloss black paint protection film on the upper side of the car to give it a more unique and premium appearance.

Following the side profile, the presenter then moves to the front end of the car and starts listing off all the modifications done by them at the front. He starts by stating that a pair of high-performance Osram CBI Pro LED projector headlamps have been added. The presenter also mentions that they have added the aftermarket CBI LED DRLs on the top portion of the headlights as well. This adds to the top-spec feel and appearance of this base variant car, adds the presenter.

Kia Carens MPVs modified from base trim to top-end trims [Video]

After this, the presenter then moves to the main highlight of this modified Kia Carens, which is its interior. The presenter states that they have completely refinished the interior of this particular base variant Carens. He starts off by showing the high-gloss black dashboard. He mentions that they have not hydro-dipped or painted the base variant’s dashboard. Rather, they have completely replaced it with the one that is a genuine Kia part and comes from the top-spec variant of the Carens. He then shows the D-Cut custom leather-wrapped steering wheel, which they have also added.

Kia Carens MPVs modified from base trim to top-end trims [Video]

The presenter mentions that the base variant of the Kia Carens does not come with cruise control. However, in this model, they have added that as well. Next up, he adds that they have also given this car all-new soft leatherette seat covers that have the same color as the interior of the car from the company.

Continuing in the same video, the presenter then shows another Kia Carens base variant that they have converted into an X-Line model. He states that in this car as well, they have added a ton of modifications to make it a unique X-Line variant, which even the company does not offer in the Carens lineup. He mentions that they added X-Line diamond-cut alloys, Osram LED headlights, window visors, and other smaller accessories that make it look unique. He then shows the interior and mentions that they have added a new leather-wrapped steering wheel along with interior-colored seat covers as well.

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