Kerala’s AI Camera captures another mystery woman, this time in a Toyota Glanza

AI cameras in Kerala have managed to stay in the news since their implementation in the state. Lately, a series of reports have surfaced where people intentionally position themselves in front of AI cameras to capture candid pictures, which they subsequently upload online with trending music. One recent incident involved an AI camera capturing an image of a woman in the back seat of a Maruti 800, even though there was no woman present. Now, a similar incident has been reported from Kannur, where the owner of a Toyota Glanza received a challan for not wearing a seat belt. Upon receiving the challan, the owner was shocked to see an image of a woman sitting next to him in the co-passenger seat.

Mystery woman in Glanza

Once again, AI cameras have become a source of concern for the Motor Vehicles Department. The image of the e-challan has already begun circulating online, indicating that the person was supposedly driving with a ghost. The first incident was reported from Payyannur in the Kannur district. Meethale Kunnath Ali, from Kadavathur, near Panoor, recently received a challan from the Motor Vehicles Department. Upon checking the challan, he was surprised for two reasons.

Meethale Kunnath Ali was actually traveling alone in the car, and he had no idea who the woman in the co-passenger seat was. He mentioned that he was confident he did not travel on the route specified in the challan on the date it was issued. Ali runs a mineral water distribution business and frequently travels within and outside the district for work. However, he is certain that he was not driving on the specified route on the date when the camera captured the challan.

Ali told The New Indian Express, “The car in the image is mine, but I have no knowledge of the woman in the visual. The e-challan was issued for not wearing a seat belt. I contacted Motor Vehicles Department officials but have yet to receive a satisfactory reply.”

Ali informed the authorities that he is willing to pay the challan for not wearing a seat belt. However, he insists that the authorities explain the presence of the woman in the car. In the previous incident in Payyannur, the camera had issued a challan to the Maruti 800 driver for not wearing a seat belt. However, due to some glitch, the camera replaced the image of children sitting in the back seat with that of a woman. The department later acknowledged that it was a glitch where one image overlapped another.

However, in the case of the Toyota Glanza, the department has yet to provide an explanation. Ali states that he is prepared to pay the fine for himself, but he has no knowledge of the woman sitting next to him in the picture. It is evident from the image that she is also not wearing a seat belt. The image was captured at night, which adds to the complexity of the situation. M.C. Sheeba, the enforcement RTO of Kannur, has mentioned that they will be requesting Keltron to investigate this matter to bring clarity to the issue.

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