Just-Launched Kinetic e-Luna: Walkaround Review On Video

Remember the iconic Luna, the moped that zipped through Indian streets for decades? Kinetic Green, the brand behind the beloved two-wheeler, has brought back the magic with a modern twist – the Kinetic E-Luna, an electric moped that promises a sustainable and stylish ride. But is the E-Luna just a nostalgic throwback, or does it offer something truly compelling in today’s electric vehicle landscape? Let’s take a closer look, with the help of a walkaround video:

As you’ll see in the video, the E-Luna retains the essence of the original Luna – the classic step-through design, the comfortable seat, and the practical luggage rack. This instantly evokes a sense of familiarity, especially for those who hold the Luna dear in their memories. However, subtle hints of modernity shine through, like the LED headlamp, stylish alloy wheels, and the digital instrument cluster.

Available in two variants, the X1 and X2, the E-Luna offers varying levels of performance and range. The X1 boasts a top speed of 45 kmph and a range of 80 km, while the X2 ups the ante with a 50 kmph top speed and a 110 km range. These figures make it perfect for short commutes and errands, offering enough juice to navigate city traffic comfortably.
Both variants rely on a removable Lithium-ion battery that takes around 4 hours to fully charge. The battery can be conveniently charged at home or at any charging station, eliminating range anxiety for most city dwellers. The video showcases the battery compartment and its seamless removal process.

The E-Luna isn’t just about nostalgia; it’s designed for everyday usability. The spacious under-seat storage, showcased in the video, can easily accommodate your helmet and groceries. The detachable rear seat adds to the versatility, allowing you to switch between single and double riding configurations.

The E-Luna keeps things simple technology-wise. No fancy bells and whistles here, just basic features like a digital speedometer, trip meter, and battery indicator. This keeps the price competitive and avoids unnecessary complexity.

As you’ll witness in the video, the E-Luna offers a comfortable and maneuverable ride. The suspension handles bumps and potholes with ease, and the lightweight design makes it easy to navigate through traffic. The video also highlights the smooth throttle response and efficient braking system.

The Kinetic E-Luna is a charming blend of modern practicality and nostalgic appeal. It delivers a comfortable and eco-friendly ride, perfect for short commutes and city errands. While it might not be packed with high-tech features, its simplicity and affordability make it a compelling option for those seeking a reliable and sustainable two-wheeler.

If you’re looking for a practical, and affordable electric moped with a touch of nostalgia, the Kinetic E-Luna is definitely worth considering. Watch the walkaround video, browse through the specifications, and take it for a test ride to see if it sparks the same joy that the original Luna did for a generation.

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