Japanese Restaurant Madame Ushi Coming to Miami Beach

The highly successful Aspen location of Plus Plus Group’s Madame Ushi is gearing up to open in Miami this fall, marking its grand entrance into South Florida. Just like its renowned Aspen counterpart, Madame Ushi Miami aims to become a celebrity hotspot, drawing in guests from Justin Bieber to Jeff Bezos. Known for its luxurious fusion of classic culinary methods and modern style, the exclusive Gala Miami lounge accompanies the restaurant. Its feminine ambiance and creative cuisine, including collaborations with luxury brands like Chrome Hearts, plan to elevate Miami’s culinary scene.

Madame Ushi is a delightful and intimate Japanese dining experience. Its name evokes a sense of femininity, with “Madame” referring to a lady and “Ushi” meaning ox or cattle in Japanese.

“With the opening of Madame Ushi Miami, our aim is to infuse the spirit of Miami with the renowned culinary legacy we’ve cultivated in Aspen,” says Executive Chef Jake Eaton. “By blending contemporary Japanese cuisine with global fine dining techniques, we’re adding another layer of sophistication to the neighborhood while giving Gala guests a premier dining option before their festivities. As we join other nearby luxury destinations, we’re confident we’ll collectively elevate the area’s prestige with a steadfast commitment to perfecting both our ambiance and menu.”

With the culinary expertise and vision of Plus Plus Group Corporate Chef Eaton, who has previously worked at Nobu Miami, guests can look forward to a thoughtfully curated menu featuring a wide variety of Japanese dishes. From warm and cool tastings to indulgent rolls, the menu offers a tantalizing array of flavors. Highlights include delicate Chilean Sea Bass with sweet corn miso, savory Kurobuta Pork Ribs with eel BBQ sauce, and refreshing dishes like Tuna Tataki made with mango gochujang ponzu, showcasing the fresh mangos of Miami. For those seeking a truly unique dining experience, the Wagyu and White Truffle Ramen and the exclusive Chrome Hearts Roll, created in collaboration with luxury brand Chrome Hearts, are must-try items that promise to intrigue the palate. As a special touch, guests will receive their own branded chopsticks when they order the Chrome Hearts Roll.

Each design element has been carefully selected to create an elegant and cozy atmosphere, from the comfortable banquettes to the marble accents and customizable lighting. Upon entering, guests are welcomed by a breathtaking suspended ceiling arrangement with tiered brass rods on a circular frame, beautifully complemented by rich wood paneling. The main dining area showcases a captivating hand-painted mural, providing a distinct artistic flair to the venue.

Located at 247 23rd St., Miami Beach, the 4,500-square-foot restaurant is set to bring about 100 new jobs to the market.

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