Hyundai Verna modified with air suspension setup worth Rs 2 lakh [Video]

When it comes to car modifications, the main aim for enthusiasts is to make their car unique. We all know how common a Hyundai Verna mid-size sedan is in India. However, when someone claims that their car is one of the very few of its kind, then it becomes something to take note of. Recently, a video of this unique Hyundai Verna, which, according to the owner, is the only Verna in Mumbai with an aftermarket air suspension, has been shared online. It has also been given a ton of other mods as well.

The video of this particular Hyundai Verna with air suspension has been shared on YouTube by Mihir Galat on their channel. The presenter of the video starts off with the external shots of this extremely unique Verna. He then introduces the owner of the vehicle and asks him to explain the modifications done on it, which make it so unique. To this, he starts off by saying that his Verna, pre-facelift, has been given an air suspension with a completely custom-built kit.

Custom air suspension on Hyundai Verna

Explaining the details of his car’s modifications, he mentioned that the entire work has been done by him and his friend at his friend’s shop in Navi Mumbai. He then first shows how the air suspension makes the car look when it’s completely deflated, then explains the components and working process of the custom-built air suspension. First, the owner shows the remote for the suspension control, which has four buttons; two buttons lower the suspension, and two buttons raise it.

Hyundai Verna modified with air suspension setup worth Rs 2 lakh [Video]

Next, the presenter asks the owner about the main suspension part of this setup. Following this, the owner shows the airbags behind the wheels, where generally the coil springs of the standard suspension are present. Moving on, the owner opens the boot of the car and shows the custom-built stainless air tank, the compressor, along with the module of the air suspension. He explains that the compressor fills the tank with air pressure, and through custom lines, the air gets transferred to individual bags placed on all four wheels.

Where did the owner get this air suspension?

Hyundai Verna modified with air suspension setup worth Rs 2 lakh [Video]

Following this, the presenter asks the owner about where he got the suspension from. To this, he answered by stating that he bought the kit from a shop in Kerala. He added that they sent him the parts, and his friend helped him to fit the entire system in his car. Additionally, he added that all the other mods were also added to his car by his friend, who owns a shop.

Other mods done to this Verna

Hyundai Verna modified with air suspension setup worth Rs 2 lakh [Video]

After fully explaining and showing the air suspension, the presenter asks the owner about other mods done on the car’s exterior. Following this, the owner adds that he has added an aluminum front splitter, a white cover on the headlights, and a custom-made front grille. He then moves to the side profile and shows the custom alloy wheels, which he mentioned cost him around Rs 1 lakh for the complete set after painting in this custom color. Other mods on the side shown by the owner were genuine carbon fiber mirror caps and fiberglass side skirts.

Hyundai Verna modified with air suspension setup worth Rs 2 lakh [Video]

Lastly, he shows the rear end of the vehicle, which he mentions has been given a custom-made ducklid spoiler. Apart from this, the car was also given a fiberglass rear diffuser and custom LED taillights as well. Finally, the presenter shows the interior of the car, which gets a custom carbon fiber steering wheel, custom gauges on the driver’s side A-pillar, and a dieseltronic tuning tool that increases the power of the vehicle. The owner mentions that in total, this build has cost him around Rs 25 lakhs, including the purchase price of the Verna.

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