Huobi Turns 10 and Unveils HTX With Global Expansion Plans

Crypto exchange Huobi rebranded to HTX on September 13th, which is its 10th anniversary, as part of its new strategy after having already altered the names of its various offerings.

According to the official blog post, the platform said that ‘H’ signifies Huobi, while ‘T’ represents its commitment to the Justin Sun-led blockchain network, Tron. X, on the other hand, symbolizes its role as an exchange. The use of the Roman numeral for 10 also signified HTX’s ten years in the digital asset space.

  • HTX outlined the roadmap that doubles down on its growth strategy of “global expansion, thriving ecosystem, wealth effect, and security and compliance.”
  • The crypto exchange revealed plans to expand business globally by venturing into new markets across different countries and regions. Building a metaverse-free port also remains a top priority for HTX.
  • Besides, the exchange said it will strategically join forces with public chains like Tron and cross-chain protocols in the TRX ecosystem, such as BitTorrent Chain, as well as stablecoin projects such as TrueUSD.

“After the rebranding, HTX’s listing strategy will start a new phase by expanding its ecosystem with new assets listings. We will select premium and popular assets from around the world by introducing all-star projects that come with volume, popularity, and new trends. Additionally, HTX will deepen collaborations with mainstream ecosystems, including but not limited to public chain, Layer 2, and memecoins.”

  • The latest development comes a month after rumors of potential insolvency, soon after which the crypto exchange was hit by multi-million outflows.
  • During that time, Justin Sun urged the community to ignore the FUD as well as rumors about the Chinese police allegedly detaining and investigating “a large number of senior executives of offshore” crypto marketplaces for “providing fund payment and settlement services for gambling websites.”

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