How To Draw A Shark Easy Printable Lesson For Kids

It is so easy to learn how to draw a shark! Let’s make a shark drawing! We will show you the easy way to learn how to draw a shark step by step with this drawing lesson for kids of all ages. Follow the easy steps to make your own shark drawing and print out the instructions to use over and over again for practice! Our shark drawing lesson is a printable tutorial you can download and print with three pages of simple steps on how to draw a shark step by step with a pencil. Use this easy shark sketch guide at home or in the classroom.

Let’s learn how to draw a shark!

Make A Shark Drawing Easy For Kids

Learning how to draw sharks is a fun, creative, and colorful art experience for kids of all ages. And whether you’re looking for a great white shark drawing with older kids or just want to learn how to draw a cute shark, you’re in the right place! Click the button to download and print our how to draw a shark printable tutorial before getting started:

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This how to draw a shark lesson is simple enough for younger kids or beginners. Once your kids get comfortable with drawing they will start feeling more creative and ready to continue an artistic journey. So, follow our step-by-step tutorial and let’s draw the shape of the shark and all the details like: tail fin, shark’s mouth, shark’s eye, etc.

How To Draw A Shark Step By Step- Easy

Just download the step by step instructions pdf, print it and get your pencil and eraser and let’s get started with some simple shapes:

Step 1 – Draw the Shark’s Body

Step 1 - How to draw a shark - Kids Activities Blog - in this first step kids will start with 2 oval shapes that are the shark body
The first step is starting with the basic shapes of 2 ovals.

Draw two oval shapes, notice that the larger oval shape is a little tilted. The second basic shape is layered on the first.

Step 2 – Form the Shark Shape

Step 2 - How to draw a shark - Kids Activities Blog - in this first step kids will start with 2 oval shapes that are the shark body and then erase the lines
In this second step, you will erase the extra lines.

Erase the inside lines from the previous step around the oval shape.

Step 3 – Draw the Shark Fin

Step 3 - How to draw a shark - Kids Activities Blog - draw a circle shape and another oval next to the shark body
The third step starts the caudal fin…

Draw two more ovals, one is kinda small circle shaped, right next to the body to make a shark tail or caudal fin.

Step 4 – Start the Shark Tail

Step 4 - How to draw a shark - Kids Activities Blog - erase the caudal fin extra lines to reveal a moon shape
In the fourth step we are erasing lines to reveal a basic moon shape.

Erase all the lines of the shark tail except the little curved line moon shape at the top.

Step 5 – Connect the Shapes Together

Step 5 - How to draw a shark - Kids Activities Blog - in this first step kids will start with 2 oval shapes that are the shark body
In this next step, we are connecting the shark body to the caudal fin.

Connect the shark’s head and body and the shark tail with two lines. The top is a nearly horizontal line and the lower line is at a slanted angle and a short line.

Step 6 – Add Dorsal Fins

Step 6 - How to draw a shark - Kids Activities Blog - add a wavy line in the middle of the shark body and draw two
Let’s draw a wavy lateral line separating top of the shark from the bottom.

Add a wavy line through the body and then add two dorsal fins on the top. One top fin will be larger than the other to represent the first dorsal fin and the second dorsal fin.

Step 7 – Add Pectoral Fins

Step 7 - How to draw a shark - Kids Activities Blog - add the pectoral fins under the shark body
Let’s add the shark’s pectoral fin! Or two!

Now that you have two top fins, we will draw the two bottom fins called pectoral fins. They are on either side of the shark body so the closest fin will be larger and seen in its entirety. The second pectoral fin is further away and not fully seen.

Step 8 – Add Shark Details

Step 8 - How to draw a shark - Kids Activities Blog -add shark details to your own shark drawing

Add shark details like shark’s eye, shark’s mouth, gills with gill slits, smile, shark’s nose, pelvic fin…and of course, shark teeth!

You can draw your own cartoon shark making it a friendly character with a shark smile or make it a little cartoonish by adding more and more details to your finished drawing. Add even more details with less bubble shapes for a realistic shark with sharp teeth.

Download here:

How to draw a shark printable tutorial pdf showing easy shark drawing on decorative background with colored pencils and paint steps 1-3- kids activities blog
Don’t forget to download the steps to drawing a shark!

You are now drawing sharks with the simple step by step instructions…easy peasy! Easy drawing! Quick tutorial!

Download Simple Shark Drawing Lesson PDF File

This how to draw a shark page is sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

Our three pages of shark drawing steps are super easy to follow in this printable shark drawing guide…and so much fun too!  You can review the step by step instructions here and then download and print the shark drawing tutorial below.

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how to draw a shark printable step by step tutorial - download, print & draw a shark yourself!
Let’s follow the steps to make our own shark drawing!

Recommended Drawing Supplies

These art supplies can help make our draw tutorials a lot easier to do if you don’t have certain items. Plus, this list of the supplies can help promote creativity and make drawing a cool shark a lot of fun.

You can find LOADS of super fun coloring pages for kids & adults here. Have fun!

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If you have young artists in your family, they can learn how to make cool drawings and turn any piece of paper into art!

How did your shark drawing turn out?

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