Honda Elevate SUV outsells the City and Amaze sedans put together in October 2023

The Japanese automotive giant, Honda Cars India, after staying on the sidelines of the mid-size SUV segment, recently launched its first made-in-India global product, the Elevate SUV. Now, despite being the newest model in Honda’s lineup in India, the Elevate has proved itself to be the best one. Last month, in October, this SUV managed to outsell its both sedan siblings, the City and the Amaze. The Elevate has become so popular that its sales figure for October is more than the combined sales tally of the two sedans.

Honda Elevate Sales: October 2023

According to the October sales tally of Honda Cars India, the company managed to dispatch a total of 4,957 units of the Elevate mid-size SUV. Being a newly launched product, there is no reference to its sales from the same month of the previous year. For the same reason, we have no YoY growth figure as well.

Honda City and Amaze Sales: Ocotober 2023

Honda Elevate SUV outsells the City and Amaze sedans put together in October 2023

However, we can compare the sales of its sedan counterpart, the Honda City, with the Elevate. In October, the company sold a total of 1,553 units of the sedan, which was down by 1,697 units from last year’s same month. Back in October 2022, the sales figure for the City was 3,250 units, and the overall YoY growth was a disappointing -52%.

Honda Elevate SUV outsells the City and Amaze sedans put together in October 2023
Honda Amaze

On the other hand, the sales tally of the Amaze sub-compact sedan was 2,890 for October 2023, while it was 5,443 back in October 2022. The YoY growth for Amaze was also a disappointing -47%.

Elevate Sales More Than Combined Sales of Its Sedan Siblings

Honda Elevate SUV outsells the City and Amaze sedans put together in October 2023
Honda Elevate

The interesting point to note from the above sales figures is that the Honda Elevate sales were more than the combined sales of the City and Amaze sedans. In total, Honda Cars India managed to dispatch 4,443 units of City and Amaze, which was 514 units less than the total Elevates dispatched in October 2023. Now, this is not a random phenomenon that has taken place. Rather, there are a number of legitimate reasons for this to happen. Following are the reasons why Elevate sales have dwarfed the sales of both sedans.

Newest Honda Car in the Market

We all know about the love shown by Indian car buyers for newer models in the market. This is one of the reasons for Honda Elevate’s success. Being the newest car in the lineup, buyers are showing more interest in the Elevate, and hence its sale is in a boost.

More Ground Clearance than Honda City

Another one of the major reasons for the higher sale of Elevate is its ground clearance and body type. We all know the conditions of roads in India, and for this reason, everyone loves to drive an SUV in the country. So, this becomes another reason that has contributed to the success of Elevate in India.

Better Street Presence

This point has also more to do with the buying preference of the new Indian car buyers. People nowadays want the biggest street presence, and an SUV is better in providing that than a sedan. The City and Amaze are sedans that sit lower on the road and are more inclined towards comfort rather than imposing presence, so this has become a little disadvantageous for them.

Tried and Tested Mechanicals

As we all know, the Honda City gained its popularity because of its solid reliability due to its time-tested mechanicals. Now, the Elevate mid-size SUV also gets the same mechanicals but offers them in a bigger package. So, this has played out well for the SUV and hence the results.

Decent Pricing

Lastly, the pricing of the Honda Elevate has also played a key role in its success. The Elevate starts at a much lower price of Rs 11 lakh and goes up to Rs 16 lakh. Meanwhile, the Honda City, on the other hand, starts at Rs 11.6 lakh and goes up to Rs 16.10 lakh. A lot of people, because of this, are going with the Elevate rather than the City sedan.

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