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Here’s Why Bitcoin Cash is Up 16% as 99Bitcoins Token Also Posts Gains

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is back in the spotlight with a hefty 16% pump this week.

The OG Bitcoin’s famous spin-off seems to be finding its groove, reminding everyone that it’s still a top altcoin.

At the same time, a new project called 99Bitcoins Token (99BTC) is performing well in its presale phase – proving that there’s always room for innovation in the crypto market.

BCH Price Rallies as Bullish Technicals Align

Bitcoin Cash is on a tear, climbing to $399 after dropping as low as $344 on Monday.

Earlier today, BCH actually passed the $400 mark but immediately pulled back.

This slight retreat suggests a cluster of sell orders around that psychological barrier – but don’t count BCH out yet.

The momentum behind the coin’s rally remains strong.

BCH is wrestling with its 50-day exponential moving average (EMA), a key technical indicator.

A move above this level could signal more bullishness ahead.

Interestingly, it’s not just Bitcoin Cash’s price action that’s heating up.

Spot trading volumes for BCH have surged 25% in the last 24 hours, hitting $277 million.

This uptick in activity hints at renewed interest from traders.

Adding to the excitement, open interest in BCH futures has also jumped 8%, now at $275 million.

Together, these factors paint a picture of a token brimming with bullish potential.

What Are the Catalysts Behind Bitcoin Cash’s Surge?

The sudden surge in Bitcoin Cash’s price isn’t random.

A major catalyst behind this rally is the news that Mt. Gox, the infamous exchange that collapsed a decade ago, will start repaying its creditors in July.

And Mt. Gox will use BCH as one of the tokens for repayments.

This repayment situation could be a double-edged sword for BCH’s price.

On one hand, it might flood the market with coins, potentially pushing price down.

But on the flip side, it’s putting BCH back in the spotlight, reminding investors of its value and creating fresh demand.

The anticipation alone seems to be driving up BCH’s price.

But Mt. Gox isn’t the only factor at play.

Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, has been rising this week – and Bitcoin Cash is following suit.

Historically, BCH has moved in tandem with BTC, benefitting from its bullishness (and bearishness).

So, the Mt. Gox news and Bitcoin’s upswing are creating a mix of positive catalysts for Bitcoin Cash.

99Bitcoins Token Innovates Through Crypto Education & Raises $2.3M in Presale

It’s not just Bitcoin Cash that’s making headlines.

Another project, 99Bitcoins Token, has just hit a significant milestone, passing $2.3 million in its presale.

For those looking to get in early, 99BTC tokens are still up for grabs for $0.00111 each.

The presale accepts ETH, USDT, BNB, and card payments.

What sets 99Bitcoins Token apart from its competitors is the brand-new Learn-to-Earn Protocol.

The protocol works as follows: Imagine diving into an online course on blockchain basics.

As you complete modules and take quizzes, you’ll earn 99BTC tokens as a reward.

It’s like getting paid to study – but for crypto.

In addition, 99BTC holders can stake their tokens for attractive yields, access advanced courses, and gain entry into VIP community groups.

There’s even talk of exclusive trading signals.

Ultimately, 99Bitcoins’ team is betting big on the idea that as the crypto market heats up, more people than ever will seek blockchain knowledge.

By encouraging learning, they’re not just building another crypto project – they’re creating an educated crypto community.

It’s an intriguing approach that’s grabbed people’s attention.

99Bitcoins Token’s Telegram channel now has 4,500 members, while the official Twitter page boasts 21,300 followers.

Even big names like Michael Wrubel have praised the project.

All in all, while Bitcoin Cash may be seizing all the headlines, 99Bitcoins Token is quietly making a name for itself.

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