Here’s How Much Spot Solana ETFs in the US Could Increase SOL’s Price

As Solana solidifies its position alongside Bitcoin and Ethereum as one of crypto’s top tiers, and with BTC and ETH already having or nearing U.S. spot ETFs, SOL’s potential for the next spot ETF naturally comes into focus.

A recent analysis by GSR Markets suggests that such ETFs could catalyze an increase in SOL’s price, potentially reaching up to nine times its current value.

8.9x Price Surge for SOL

To gauge the potential impact on SOL’s price, GSR Markets drew parallels with BTC’s experience following its own ETF approvals. Historically, bitcoin’s price surged from $27,000 to approximately $63,000, driven primarily by ETF-related inflows, which was a 2.3x increase.

Applying similar scenarios to Solana, GSR Markets predicts potential price increases ranging from 1.4x to 8.9x, depending on the scale of ETF inflows relative to Bitcoin’s.

Market dynamics further increase the potential upside for SOL. Unlike BTC, Solana’s active use in staking and decentralized applications suggests a potentially higher impact from ETF-related inflows. This could create what analysts describe as a “free option” for investors, reflecting significant upside potential relative to current market conditions.

While challenges remain, such as market size relative to Bitcoin and regulatory uncertainties, GSR Markets remains optimistic about Solana’s prospects. Should U.S. regulations evolve to accommodate additional spot digital asset ETFs, SOL could see one of the most substantial price appreciations in recent cryptocurrency history.

The Path to a Solana Spot ETF

According to GSR Markets’ research, the path to a spot crypto ETF in the U.S. depends on several regulatory and market conditions. Unlike futures-based ETFs, which currently dominate the market alongside Bitcoin and Ethereum, a spot ETF for Solana requires a federally-regulated futures market and demonstrated market correlation over several years.

Recent political shifts, however, hint at a potential change in the regulatory landscape. The backing of the crypto industry by figures like former President Donald Trump has softened opposition from Democrats, leading to bipartisan support for regulatory frameworks that could enable new crypto opportunities, setting the stage for future ETF approvals.

Key determinants for the approval of a spot Solana ETF include measures of decentralization and anticipated demand. Metrics such as the Nakamoto Coefficient, staking requirements, and governance ratings are important in assessing Solana’s readiness. Market indicators, existing AUM, and community activity metrics, which measure potential investor interest and market viability, are also factors.

GSR Markets’ analysis combines these factors into an ETF Possibility Score, which positions Solana favorably alongside Ethereum in the race for the next spot digital asset ETF. Ethereum’s recent ETF filings and anticipated launches places it in the lead, with Solana closely following due to positive scores across decentralization and demand metrics.

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