Harry Potter Printables

If you have a Harry Potter fan at home, you’re going to love today’s post! We have 42 free Harry Potter printables that are so much fun and easy to make.

From Harry Potter game sets and Harry Potter Valentine Cards, to gift ideas for your Potter head, we have all things Harry Potter you can print at home or in the classroom.

Let’s have some fun with these Harry Potter free printables!

Printable Harry Potter Activities That Are A Lot of Fun

The Harry Potter movies and books are a huge success. It’s no surprise kids all over the world want a magical party to feel like they are in the wonderful world of Hogwarts, sorting hat and all.

A lot of us grew up having a monthly Harry Potter movie night – we all love a little magic, after all- which is why we have so many printable fun activities, a great way to have fun in a Harry Potter birthday party, Halloween party, or at home while having a Harry Potter movie marathon.

We have lots of printables that are free and suitable for kids of all ages and skill levels. Most of these printable packs can be printed in a regular printer. Enjoy this Harry Potter fun!

Image shows a Harry Potter Hogwart crest coloring page. Idea from Kids Activities Blog
Which colors will you use to color these coloring pages?

1. Harry Potter Hogwarts Coloring Pages (Free Printables)

These Harry Potter Hogwarts coloring pages are so fun, we just had to try them out! They include the Hogwarts castle, the houses crests, and the Sorting Hat.

Image shows a Harry Potter Christmas-themed coloring page. Idea from Kids Activities Blog
Harry Potter and Christmas go so well together!

2. Harry Potter Christmas Coloring Pages (Free Printables)

Did someone say Harry Potter Christmas coloring pages? We have them! Go grab your hot cocoa and blanket and enjoy coloring them.

Image shows  Harry Potter dementor printable. Idea from Kids Activities Blog
Fight dementors with your magical crayons and colored pencils.

3. Harry Potter Coloring Pages: Dementors (Free Printables)

These Dementors printables are inspired by the Dementors from the Harry Potter series. Let your kiddos defeat their own Dementors with crayons, markers, or whatever their heart desires.

Image shows a Harry Potter Magical Beast coloring page. Idea from Kids Activities Blog
These free Harry Potter coloring pages will bring magic into your day!

4. Free Harry Potter Magical Beasts Coloring Pages

In the Harry Potter universe, there are many different kinds of mythical creatures – and today, we are coloring the most popular Harry Potter magical beasts. Can you guess what they are?

Image shows a printable Harry Potter spell book. Idea from Kids Activities Blog
Keep all of your favorite spells in here!

5. How to Make Your Own Harry Potter Spell Book Using Free Printable Coloring Pages

Let the magic happen! Make your own Harry Potter spell book using the Harry Potter spells list printable coloring pages and following these simple instructions.

Image shsows a Harry Potter spell book from Kids Activities Book
Use our free printables to create your spells book.

6. Free (Unofficial) Harry Potter spells coloring pages

To make the spell book that we just mentioned, you’ll need the free Harry Potter spell book printables – and here they are! Remember to color them before making the book.

Image shows a Gryffindor crest coloring page from Kids Activities Blog
If you belong to Gryffindor, these coloring pages are for you.

7. Free Gryffindor Crest & Other Fun Coloring Pages

We have fun Harry Potter Gryffindor coloring pages, including the Gryffindor crest, the Gryffindor cup, and the famous Gryffindor wonderful quote.

Image shows Hufflepuff coloring pages from Kids Activities Blog
Are you a Hufflepuff?

8. Magical Hufflepuff Coloring Pages

These Harry Potter Hufflepuff coloring pages are perfect for those who are Just and Loyal.

Image shows Ravenclaw Harry Potter coloring pages from Kids Activities Blog
But if you belong to Ravenclaw…

9. Awesome Ravenclaw Coloring Pages

Are you wise and clever? Then you belong to the Ravenclaw house! Here are our favorite Ravenclaw coloring pages.

Image shows a Harry Potter trivia
How much do you know about Harry Potter?

10. Printable Harry Potter Trivia

This Harry Potter Trivia has two versions, easy and hard, so every Harry Potter fan can participate. From Hey Let’s Make Stuff.

Image shows a Harry Potter quote on a poster. Idea from Simple Everyday Mom.

11. An AWESOME & FREE Harry Potter Quote Printable That You Need Right Now

Find a Harry Potter quote printable you can download instantly. It’s ideal for adults or kids and would even look fabulous as nursery art!

Image shows a Harry Potter bookmark from Artsy Fartsy Mom
This bookmark is so adorable.

12. Free Printable Harry Potter Bookmark

Download and print out the Harry Potter bookmarks on cardstock. Use a paper cutter or scissors and cut out the bookmarks. They will make your reading time more fun! From Artsy Fartsy Mama.

Image shows a set of printable Harry Potter bows. Idea from Lovely Planner
These Harry Potter DIY Paper Bows are very easy to make.

13. DIY Harry Potter Paper Bows

These printable paper bows can be a perfect party favor or decoration if you’re planning on throwing a Harry Potter themed party. From Lovely Planner.

Image shows two popcorn printable boxes inspired by Harry Potter. Idea from Ruffles and Rainboots
Enjoy your movie marathon with these printables.

14. Free Harry Potter Popcorn Box Printables – Two Sizes!

These popcorn boxes come in two sizes and are easy to put together, making them an easy DIY Harry Potter craft idea. From Ruffles and Rainboots.

Image shows a Harry Potter bookmark based on the houses. Idea from Artsy Fartsy Mama.
Print your favorite crest and turn it into a bookmark.

15. Free Printable Harry Potter Hogwarts House Bookmarks

Download and print these Free Printable Harry Potter Hogwarts House Bookmarks to save your spot with your favorite Hogwarts House! From Artsy Fartsy Mama.

Image shows Harry Potter Valentine's Day cards. From House Wife Eclectic.
Valentine’s Day is best with Harry Potter!

16. Free Printable Harry Potter Valentines

Print your favorite characters from the movie and make some Harry Potter Valentines cards! From House Wife Eclectic.

Image shows a Harry Potter fortune teller from The Suburban Mom.
Kids of all ages will love this fortune teller!

17. Harry Potter Fortune Teller Printable And Tutorial

Follow the simple tutorial and download the printable to make your own Harry Potter fortune teller – and choose your Hogwarts house! From The Suburban Mom.

Image shows a party invitation inspired on a Hogwarts invitation letter. From My Poppet.
What a fun way to invite someone to your birthday party.

18. Harry Potter Party Invitation Template – Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

If you are a fan of all things Harry Potter, receiving a party invitation in the style of a Hogwarts Acceptance letter is the best thing ever. Print the letter in My Poppet.

Image shows a Harry Potter luggage tags. From Polka Dot Chair
Your next holidays will be magical!

19. Harry Potter Printable Luggage Tags

These fun free Harry Potter Printable Luggage Tags are inspired by many of the stories in the books. Print some out, attach them to your bags and you’re off! From Polka Dot Chair.

Image shows DIY mini Harry Potter books. Idea from Red Ted Art
Let’s make some mini-books!

20. DIY Harry Potter Mini Books (No Glue)

These mini notebooks are great for writing your own spells in or using with your Harry Potter figures and some pretend play. From Red Ted Art.

Image shows a Harry Potter snowglobe printable. Idea from Crafting Cheerfully
Print and color this lovely snowglobe!

21. Harry Potter Snow Globe Card – Free Printable!

This snow globe card features a scene from The Chamber of Secrets with Harry and Ron flying to Hogwarts in a blue Ford Anglia. From Crafting Cheerfully.

Image shows a free printable DIY Harry Potter baby closet dividers. From Lovely Planner
We love DIYs that are also useful.

22. Free Printable DIY Harry Potter Baby Closet Dividers

Whether you’re expecting a baby (and are a fan of the Harry Potter saga) or know someone who is, these free printable Harry Potter baby closet dividers can be a great (and very easy) DIY. From Lovely Planner.

Image shows a set of printable Harry Potter bookmarks. Idea from Not Quite Susie.
Here are even more Harry Potter bookmarks!

23. Free Printable Harry Potter Bookmarks

Featuring a few of our favorite characters and quotes, these bookmarks are perfect for whatever book you’re reading- Harry Potter or otherwise! From Not Quite Susie.

Image shows a a Harry Potter matching game
Perfect printable for a birthday party activity!

24. Printable Harry Potter Patronus Matching Game

Print out this Harry Potter patronus matching game and put your skills to the test! A magical game for any Harry Potter party. From Hey Lets Make Stuff.

Image shows printable potion bottles. From seevanessacraft
Let’s make our own potion bottles.

25. Halloween: Harry Potter Printable Potion Bottles

These Harry Potter Potions Bottle Halloween Decor projects are very easy to make, but it’s not very suitable for kids to do without adult supervision. From See Vanessa Craft.

Image shows a a Harry Potter matching game. From rockyourhomeschool
Discover what’s your patronus!

26. Free Harry Potter-Inspired Patronus Picker for Magical Fun

This Patronus Picker is such an amazing way to have magical fun, and is so easy to make. From Rock Your Homeschool.

Image shows a Harry Potter horcrux hunt printable. From Amy Latta Creations
Perfect for a HP-themed party!

27. Harry Potter Horcrux Hunt Party Activity

How does a Harry Potter scavenger hunt sound like? Amazing, no? Grab your materials for this Horcrux hunt! From Amy Latta Creations.

Image shows a set of Harry Potter thank you cards to print. Idea from Fun Money Mom.
Thank your guests for coming to your party with thematic cards.

28. Harry Potter Thank You Cards

Want to thank your guests for showing up to the birthday party in a fast and easy way? Just print and sign these thank you cards and you’re all set. From Fun Money Mom.

Image shows a a free hand lettered quote. From Amy Latta Creations
Lovely Harry Potter Home decor!

29. Free Hand Lettered Harry Potter Printable

Here is a free Harry Potter quote (8×10 printable) you can display or do whatever you like with for personal use. From Amy Latta Creations.

Image shows a Harry Potter notebook cover inspired on the houses. Idea from Polka Dot Chair.
Aren’t these notebooks just so cool?

30. DIY Hogwarts Inspired House Notebooks; Harry Potter Craft Idea

Get back to school with the best Harry Potter notebooks ever! Just print the notebook covers and grab your supplies. From Polka Dot Chair.

Image shows printable harry potter quotes with drawings. From The Happy Housie.
Decorate your home with the best Harry Potter quotes.

31. Free Printable Famous Harry Potter Quote Series

Here are the most famous Harry Potter quotes, pictures included, to decorate your house during Halloween – or any day of the year if you like Harry Potter that much! From The Happy Housie.

Image shows a Harry Potter picture framed. Idea by The Cottage Market
Hang these printables in your room for an all-year-round decor.

32. The Free Printable Harry Potter Collection

In this free printable set, you are going to find Harry, Ron, Hermione, and the whole cast of characters. From The Cottage Market.

Image shows a printable I spy Harry Potter game. Idea from Paper Trail Design.
How many objects can you find?

33. Free Printable Harry Potter I Spy Game

This free printable Harry Potter I spy game is a great activity for a Harry Potter birthday party or for a fun indoor activity. Find the deathly hallows, elder wands, Dobby, and Hogwarts castles scattered throughout the page. From Papertrail Design.

Image shows a Harry Potter spells & charms matching game. From heyletsmakestuff
Nothing is more fun than a matching game.

34. Printable Harry Potter Spells and Charms Matching Game

Think you know your Harry Potter spells and charms? Print out this Harry Potter spell and charm matching game and put your skills to the test! From Hey, Let’s Make Stuff!

Image shows a Harry Potter chocolate frog box printable. Idea from Designs by Miss Mandee
What an original way to give presents.

35. Chocolate Frog Box – Harry Potter Printable

Use this fun template to make a chocolate frog box that looks like it came straight from Honeydukes! From Designs by Miss Mandee.

Image shows a platform 9 3/4 printable tickets. From Designs by Miss Mandee.
Get your own unique train tickets!

36. Platform 9 3/4 Train Ticket

Looking for a unique way to get into the back-to-school spirit? Print this Platform 9 3/4 train ticket for the Hogwarts Express! From Designs by Miss Mandee.

Image shows a set of Ferrero rocher that look like golden snitches. Idea from Party Delights
So easy yet so creative.

37. How To Make Ferrero Rocher Golden Snitches

Throwing a Harry Potter party? Complete your party food with these easy Ferrero Rocher golden snitches! Just print the templates and glue them. From Party Delights.

Image shows a printable Harry Potter bingo for kids. Idea from Artsy Fartsy Mama.
We love bingo games!

38. Free Printable Harry Potter Bingo

Harry Potter Bingo includes all of your favorite characters, including Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, and a whole lot more! From Artsy Fartsy Mama.

Image shows a Harry Potter house flags printables. From Lovely Planner
Print your favorite house’s crest!

39. Free Printable Hogwarts House Flags

Here’s a set of Free Printable Hogwart’s Houses Flags to decorate your Harry Potter Party. These gift flags come in 5 different colors to match the different Hogwart’s houses. From Lovely Planner.

Image shows Harry Potter inspired gift boxes. Idea from Cut out and keep.
Lovely gift boxes for your party!

40. Diy Printable Harry Potter Inspired Favor Boxes

These boxes are super simple to assemble and perfect for a Harry Potter party. Just download the templates and assembles. From Cut Out + Keep.

Image shows a Harry Potter favor box. From Party With Unicorns.
Let’s learn how to make a Harry Potter favor box.

41. Harry Potter Favor Box

This Harry Potter Favor Box is perfect for a Harry Potter party but it would also work great for a trinket box on your bedroom shelf. From Party with Unicorns.

Image shows 4 snowmen crafts decorated with Harry Potter items. Idea from Mamasmiles.
We simply love these snowmen dressed as the Hogwarts houses!

42. Wizard Snowman Papercraft with Free Printable Template

Create some magic with these fun wizard snowman papercrafts. Just follow this simple guide to create your own. From Mamas Smiles.

Want more Harry Potter fun? Try these from Kids Activities Blog:

What was your favorite Harry Potter printable? Which one are you going to print first?

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