Google Bets on ChainGPT’s Web3 Vision with a Whopping $350,000 Grant

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The evolution of the internet hinges upon the convergence of Web2 and Web3 organizations aligning their objectives and working together to build the infrastructure that will service a global populace.

ChainGPT, the leading AI Infrastructure provider for the crypto, blockchain, and Web3 industry has put its best foot forward and applied to the Google Cloud Web3 Startup Program. After diligent inspection by Google’s internal team, ChainGPT has been selected as one of the elite few and been accepted into the program, receiving a $350,000 operational grant.

What is The Google Cloud Web3 Program?

Announced in April of 2023, Google has partnered with some of the leading blockchain projects including Solana, Polygon, Aptos, Near, Hedera, Celo, and others to launch a $6,000,000 grant program that will support only the most promising, burgeoning startups in the Web3 space.

The program is designed to provide operational infrastructure including node services, computational power, storage, organizers, and a slew of other key toolings that allow teams to amplify their focus on delivering products, rather than dealing with administrative burdens.

What does this mean for ChainGPT?

Joining Google Cloud’s Web3 startup program and receiving the operational grant will benefit ChainGPT’s operations by reducing their burn rate and enabling them to redirect their current treasury spending from management purposes to product growth and development. Additionally, the grant will equip their team with administrative tools to optimize their day-to-day operations.

AI Model

Being AI at its core, ChainGPT has massive demands for resources in order to optimize its models, crunch massive amounts of data, and retain maximal uptime to provide the highest quality services. ChainGPT will be using the computational resources of Google’s GPUs to train the AI model. With more power at its disposal, the model will be able to ingest more data, process it faster, and extrapolate valuable feedback with a higher degree of accuracy.


Google Cloud provides some of the most efficient storage solutions for any kind of data. One of ChainGPT’s most memory intensive generative applications is its NFT generator. Tapping into Google’s storage, ChainGPT will be able to increase its capacity for securely storing any images and ancillary data files on the cloud.

Team Administration

Google is renowned for its suite of tools that allows teams to work collaboratively through shared drives, meetings, and other applications. Moreover, as part of the Web3 Program, Google has granted ChainGPT’s team access to educational repositories that will streamline and potential onboarding educational processes they might require.

About ChainGPT

ChainGPT is the leading provider of AI-powered Infrastructure for the crypto, blockchain, and Web3 industry. The one-stop-shop Crypto AI hub. From automated smart contract generation and auditing to autonomous community management, advanced Web3 AI chatbot, AI-powered news aggregation, and NFT generation, ChainGPT is the most sophisticated, end-to-end AI solution on the market.

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