Fun Jellyfish Facts for Kids to Print & Play

Today we are learning all about jellyfish with our jellyfish facts printable pages! Simply download & print the fun facts about jellyfish and have some fun while learning about these fascinating sea creatures. Our printable fun facts pdf includes two pages filled with jellyfish pictures and facts about jellyfish that kids of all ages will enjoy learning about at home or in the classroom.

Print these fun facts about jellyfish!

Free printable jellyfish facts for Kids

There are many interesting facts about jellyfish! Click the green button to download and print the jellyfish fun facts sheets now:

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How much do you know about jellyfish? Did you know jellyfish have existed even before dinosaurs lived on Earth? That’s right, they’re that old! And that they’re not fish either?

Fun Jellyfish Facts to Share with Your Friends

Jellyfish Facts printed pdf file page one shown in black and white with 5 interesting facts for kids about jellyfish
This is our first page in our jellyfish facts printable set!
  1. Jellyfish have existed even before dinosaurs lived on Earth. 
  2. Jellyfish are not actually fish, they’re plankton. 
  3. Being plankton means they are living animals in the water that can’t go against the current.
  4. Jellyfish can be found everywhere across the world, both in cold and warm waters, deep and shallow, and along coastlines too.
  5. Jellyfish have stingers that hold venom on their tentacles, which is used to protect themselves and kill their prey.

More Jellyfish Fun Facts

Jellyfish Facts Coloring Pages Screenshot 2
…and this is the second page in our free jellyfish facts printable PDF.
  1. Jellyfish come in different colors: some are clear, others are pink, yellow, blue, and purple. Some are bioluminescent which means they produce their own light.
  2. Jellyfish have no brain, heart, bones, or eyes.
  3. Jellyfish eat and discard waste from the same opening, their mouth.
  4. Jellyfish can squirt a jet of water from their mouth to propel forward.
  5. Jellyfish digest their food very quickly, otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to float because of their weight.

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Download The Fun Facts About Jellyfish PDF File Here

This fun facts sheet is sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

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Did you know these cool facts about jellyfish?


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Did you enjoy these jellyfish facts? What was your favorite fact? Mine was #5!

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