Free Printable Name Tags For School, Parties, & More

Let’s have some fun with free printable name tags! Give everyone some crayons and let them create their name plate, or create one for them because they’re so much fun!

These name tag template printables are great whether you use them at home or for classroom organization. They’re also a great way for preschoolers or kids of all ages to learn others’ names!

Download here –> Free Printable Name Tags

Let’s create some colorful printable free name tags for our lunch boxes!

Printable name tag sheets

If your child is learning to write, this is a download you don’t want to miss! Print the free printable name tags to make learning how to write names easier while developing those necessary fine motor skills.

1. Blank name tag printable

Screenshot of a black and white coloring page with printable name tags.
Printable free name tag label templates are fun to color

This is the first page in our free printable blank template name tag set. Lots of blank space to create, draw, or write on, so you can wear name tags with your friends. Can you draw a pic of your best friend?

Screenshot of a black and white coloring page with printable name tags.
This is a fun way to create each student’s name for the new school year!!

Here is the second page in our free templates name tag set. These are perfect for labeling desks in a classroom or writing students’ names on the first day of school! These are an easy way to let children practice writing their names! 

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Name Tags Printable coloring pages are sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

Free Printable Name Tags

More fun ways to use free printables

  • Make them a variety of different sizes to use as labels in the classroom.
  • Make lesson plans on business where students will create their own business cards.
  • Make a name badge with each person’s name for class field trips.


We may think of coloring pages as just fun, but they also have some really cool benefits for both kids and adults:

  • For kids: Fine motor skill development and hand-eye coordination develop with the action of coloring or painting coloring pages. It also helps with learning patterns, color recognition, drawing structure, and so much more!
  • For adults: Relaxation, deep breathing, and low-set-up creativity are enhanced with coloring pages.


How did you color up your free printable name tags?

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