Forget about the turducken, this CUPCAKE is what you’ll be CRAVING! [Video]

For years now I’ve seen turducken’s cropping up at Thanksgiving celebrations, but for me Thanksgiving is Really about dessert. That’s why when I saw that the piecaken (pie inside a cake) was starting to gain popularity I decided I wanted to make one this year.

Wait…there is more?

Are You Ready For This Easy Piecaken Recipe?

You’ve heard of the turducken, but have you heard of the piecaken? This easy piecaken recipe is going to be the new Thanksgiving craze… or it could be? Pumpkin pie in a snickerdoodle cookie…yum?!

Best Thanksgiving Dessert Video

BUT THEN…I found THIS and my world has been flipped upside down!


For real! I don’t even know what to call that…a piecupcaken?

All I know is I NEED it in my life.


Are you amazed at this genius Thanksgiving dessert?

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