EBH Design Group Launches Chateau Allison Project

The debut of their highly anticipated interior design project, Château Allison, marked a significant milestone for The EBH Group. Hosted by its founders, Aurelie Bard and Annick Timmer, the event made a splash in the industry and created a buzz around the prestigious Miami Beach area. The EBH Group’s renovation and interior design project of Château Allison showcased their dedication to creating elegant spaces beyond aesthetics, making a lasting impression of refined elegance in Miami Beach’s prestigious area. The chateau spans an impressive 6,600 square feet. It features a stunning art collection with works by renowned artists, including Roman Feral, Ignacio Gana, Van Voorbergen, Lucas Thorik, Hong-Yi Zhuang, Leo Caillard, Julien Marinetti, Christophe Gaignon, Fred Allard, Bruno Catalano and Gil Bruvel. 

The launch event in Miami was a grand affair. Attendees were treated to an electrifying performance by DJ Khaled and rising star YG Marley delivered an impressive set. The guest list included Miami Beach’s elite and other notable personalities.

Among the evening’s surprises was the unveiling of the ‘girl cave,’ a hidden gem designed as an exclusive speakeasy. Nestled discreetly next to the screening room, this soundproof sanctuary added an element of mystery and allure to the event.

The design concept for the outdoor features aimed to blend Miami Beach’s natural beauty with an essence of refined elegance. Marble embellished walkways and poolside areas with grace and grandeur, enhancing the outdoor experience with a touch of understated luxury.

The interiors were carefully designed with a deliberate use of marble in critical areas. Marble was prominently featured in the grand foyer, the luxuriously furnished living spaces, and the exquisite bathrooms, showcasing its timeless beauty and exceptional craftsmanship. Each marble slab was meticulously chosen and positioned to harmonize with the space’s architectural details, resulting in a seamless blend of texture, light, and luxury.

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