Easy Dot to Dot Printables 1-10 Coloring Pages

Let’s learn the numbers from 1-10 with easy dot to dot pages! Download and print our free dot to dot game for kids of all ages and enjoy practicing number recognition and math skills in a fun way. So, go grab your box of crayons! These easy dot to dot printable worksheets are perfect for at home or in the classroom.

Let’s solve these easy dot to dots printables!

Free Easy Dot To Dot Printables 1-10 Coloring Pages

We love dot to dots worksheets! Dot to dots are educational activities that are so much fun, kids won’t even feel like they are learning. Besides, they are a fun way to help our kids improve their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in kids of all ages in creative ways. Click the green button to download our easy dot to dot printable worksheets:

We created these easy dot to dot printables as a great resource to make learning the numbers from 1 to 10 easier for kids as young as 4 year olds. You’ll love how easy they are to set up, too, as you only need to print the free pdf file, grab your coloring supplies, and get your little one ready for the dot to dot worksheets fun.

Bee Dot to Dot Coloring Page

Easy bee dot to dot black and white printable pdf worksheet- Text: connect the dots and discover the image- kids activities blog logo
Let’s connect the dots to reveal a bee!

Our first dot to dot printable will have your kiddo counting from 1-10 to reveal a bee! Once they figure out the order of the activity, they can use any coloring method they prefer to make it super colorful. Bee sure to use your favorite colors!

Car Dot to Dot Coloring Page

Easy Dot To Dot Coloring Printable pdf file worksheet black and white text: connect the dots and discover the image- kids activities blog logo
Connect the dots and discover the image!

Our second dot to dot printable activity features a car! Once the kids are done connecting the dots they can use their crayons to color this printable. This coloring page might be more suitable for slightly older kids as it has a more complex line art than the first coloring page, although both are great for all ages.

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Easy dot to dot printable worksheet pdf file on dark decorated back ground with chalk, letters, pencil, and kids activities blog logo
Kids will have so much fun practicing their 1-10 numbers with these coloring pages.


Why We Love The These Dot To Dot Printables

These dot to dot puzzles are easy. These are not extreme dot to dots, but simple enough that preschoolers and kindergarteners can do these puzzle game printables. These dot to dot sheets are fun, and you can color them afterwards!

The best part of there are a number of dots to dots can be used at home or in the classroom. These free printables are also great fine motor skills practice.


Since these printable activities are so simple, they are suitable for young children, such as kindergarteners and preschoolers learning the numbers (although they might need some assistance from you). But we are sure that even older kids would enjoy solving them and coloring them afterward. What will the final shape be?

What was your favorite easy dot to dot coloring page?

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