Crypto Earnings on Autopilot: Surf Reward’s Ad-Blocking Innovation With $250,000 Raised

The Surf Reward ($SURF) presale continues to climb as traders rush to get positioned in the platform that rewards users for surfing the web, pushing the presale beyond the $250,000 milestone.

Investors are eager to get positioned as early as possible in $SURF after learning that they benefit the most from advertising revenue generated on the ad network.

Using advertising revenue sharing, Surf Reward ($SURF) provides earnings for users surfing the internet and investors in the $SURF token.

Investors Continue to Pile in For $SURF Rewards and Liquidity Injections.

Investors continue to pile into the Surf Reward Presale as it soars past the $250,000 milestone this week.

Surf Reward is introducing a novel Surf-2-Earn mechanism into the crypto world, rewarding users for browsing the internet.

Through its intuitive web browser extension, users surfing the internet are rewarded every time they see an advertisement.

The web browser extension exchanges individual advertising spaces with its own advertising partners, letting the majority of the profits go to end-users and investors.

The project is birthed by Albelius Capital AG, a German stock company headquartered in Düsseldorf that was established in 2019.

Best of all, most of the advertising revenue is used to provide liquidity injections into the $SURF liquidity pool – providing consistent demand for the token.

With a doxxed team leading the project, investors are becoming increasingly confident that early adopters of $SURF stand to earn 50x returns.

What’s The Problem With Advertising Today?

With the advertising industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars, it’s unsurprising that web admins are undergoing practices to maximize their profits.

Web admins constantly search for the highest-paying advertising deals, paying little regard to the interest of their users.

In addition, the entirety of the advertising revenue goes straight into the pockets of the website owners, leaving nothing for end-users viewing the adverts.

As a result, end-users are no longer able to use the internet without being advertised, often forcing them to see annoying ads that are irrelevant to their interests.

In turn, savvy internet users are turning to solutions like AdBlock that remove advertising completely.

It’s estimated that over 615 million devices are using AdBlock, around 11% of global internet users.

This creates a vicious circle in online advertising as advertisers aren’t having their ads viewed by their target audience, and end-users are still not earning for browsing the internet.

This is where Surf Reward steps in.

The project seeks to provide rewards to end-users every time they view adverts online through its browser extension.

Its AdTech aims to revolutionize digital advertising by bridging the gap between advertising partners and end-users – offering a unique way for users to earn money while spending time online.

Investors Benefit the Most From Advertising Deals

As mentioned earlier, the best part about the ecosystem is that investors benefit the most from the advertising deals.

The project is introducing a new advertising revenue-sharing model that ensures the majority of funds from deals benefit all users.

Surf Reward’s 3,000 advertising partners pay to distribute ads on its network.

From that advertising revenue, 30% is used to pay end-users for viewing adverts.

Another 60% is then used to inject liquidity into the $SURF liquidity pool, providing the market with consistent demand – helping to stabilize prices.

As a result, $SURF investors will see the price of the token rise as the advertising revenue increases – creating an avenue for long-term 50x returns.

Get Positioned Today to Take Advantage of Lower Prices

The $SURF presale continues to soar after breaking the $250,000 milestone just a couple of weeks from going live.

This demonstrates the building hype and confidence behind the token as investors seek outsized returns.

$SURF is the native token behind the platform and will be used to provide rewards for end-users viewing ads.

The token can currently be purchased for $0.027.

However, there is an increasing pricing strategy that means the cost of the token rises by $0.001 every fourteen days.

As a result, those investing earlier benefit the most as they take advantage of the lower price point, allowing them to leave the presale with higher levels of unrealized returns when it launches at a listing price of $0.05.

Overall, with its intuitive AdTech and its groundbreaking advertising revenue-sharing model, $SURF has the potential to become the best investment for 2023 and 2024 – with 50x returns available for early adopters.

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