Careless Hyundai Creta driver crashes into Mahindra Thar, and runs away [video]

Driving on Indian roads is often a challenge. One has to be always alert to ensure that they do not end up in an accident. We have stray cattles, dogs, jaywalkers and people who drive on the wrong side of the road that cause accidents. There are situations where people get into accidents for no reason of their own. Here we have one such video where a careless Hyundai Creta driver comes and crashes into a Mahindra Thar coming from the opposite direction. After the accident, the Creta driver fled the spot with the damged car without stopping.

The video has been shared by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. The video was actually shared by the Mahindra Thar owner. The accident happened in Haryana’s Rohtak region. The video was recorded in the dash camera installed in the Mahindra Thar. We can see Mahindra Thar approaching a small bridge. It is actually a narrow road and the Mahindra Thar driver was turning from the main road to take the bridge.

As he turned, he saw a Hyundai Creta SUV coming from the opposite direction. The Mahindra Thar driver applied brakes when he saw the Creta coming towards his vehicle to give way. However the Creta driver was probably not paying attention on the road and he simply crashed into the bumper of the Mahindra Thar. Mahindra Thar was stationary as seen in the video and the Hyundai Creta was maintaining a speed somewhere between 10-15 kmph. Up on impact, the bumper, headlights, fenders and the bonnet of the Hyundai Creta  got damaged.

It is not clear whether the driver was not paying attention on the road or was he not aware about the vacant space on the left side of the vehicle. Just before the Creta, we see another vehicle passing through the same bridge. It is also not clear whether the person driving the vehicle was drunk or not. We say this because of the way the driver behaved after the accident.

Creta crashed into Thar

After the accident, the Hyundai Creta driver reversed the car and put off the lights. The Mahindra Thar driver got off the vehicle to check any damage to his vehicle and also to check whether the occupants in Creta were fine or not. The Creta driver was waiting inside the car all this time. We see the Thar driver get out and walk towards the Creta. As he reaches near the SUV, the driver inside the car starts moving forward. Thar driver even tries to open the door but lets go of it when he sees the Creta was moving ahead.

He even asked the person to get out of the vehicle but the SUV occupants fled the spot. It is quite possible that the person was driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol and did not wanted to get caught driving like that. Thar owner also shared images where the fender and bumper of the SUV has suffered minor damages. This is a good example that shows how alcohol can affect the response of the driver. The driver might have spotted the Thar but his response time increases and fails to apply brakes on time.

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