BRETT and DOG See Big Weekly Gains as Sealana Raises Over $3M Ahead of Listings

Despite a troublesome 24 hours in the crypto market, meme coins Brett and Dog-go-to-the-Moon have pushed ahead unfazed.

Meanwhile, the new presale Sealana could be the next meme coin to explode as its total presale raise eclipses $3 million.

BRETT and DOG Soar Amid a Crypto Market Sea of Red

The crypto market and broader meme coin market have struggled today, but that has not stopped Brett and DOG GO TO THE MOON from soaring.

Per CoinMarketCap data, the total crypto market cap is down 2.1%, while the total meme coin market cap is down 9.4%.

But undeterred by the bearish momentum, Brett, Base’s blue-chip meme coin, has created a new all-time high (ATH) today, peaking at $0.09519.

While it has suffered an 8% pullback since, the token remains at a whopping 72% premium this week and a 132% this month.

By these metrics, Brett is one of the top-performing large-cap meme coins, decisively outpacing other high performers like Pepe and Floki.

Brett currently holds an $865 million market cap and a $78 million 24-hour trading volume, up 121% today.

In a recent analysis on X, renowned market commentator Jake Gagain predicted that Brett is heading for a $10 billion market cap.

This would provide over 10x gains from its current price.

Adjacent to Brett’s market-leading performance, DOG GO TO THE MOON shows relative strength.

The project is built on Bitcoin’s new Runes protocol, launched by the creator of Bitcoin Ordinals.

DOG is currently the largest meme coin in the Runes subset, boasting a respectable $669 million market cap.

It is priced at $0.006695, up 15% today, 56% this week, and 78% this month.

DOG holds a $78 million 24-hour trading volume, up 42% today.

But on trading volume, analyst Leonidas suggested that “people don’t even know how to buy it yet” due to its launch on the novel Runes protocol.

Therefore, Leonidas speculates that the token price will explode once it becomes available on tier-one exchanges, where everyday users can seamlessly buy.

In another tweet, the analyst speculated that DOG will soon reach a $1 billion market cap, making history as the tenth meme coin to achieve the feat.

Based on its current valuation, a $1 billion market cap would equate to a 49% gain.

Alongside the momentum of BRETT and DOG, the new meme coin Sealana is also thriving, having recently crossed the $3 million total raised mark at presale.

SOL Meme Coin Sealana Raises $3M – Next Book of Meme?

The Solana presale meta started with Book of Meme in March when it raised $2 million and then became the fastest crypto to a $1 billion market cap in just two days.

However, other presale sensations have emerged, and now Sealana is taking the hot seat, having outdone Book of Meme’s total raise by netting $3 million at presale.

Yet, this is no surprise given the project’s sharp-witted understanding of degen meme coin culture.

With hilarious references to the hit U.S sitcom South Park throughout, Sealana’s foul-mouthed social media antics are a big draw.

But that’s not the only thing raising eyebrows. The project also features a culturally resonant backstory of an overweight seal who lives in his mom’s basement, trading meme coins with hopes of generating life-changing riches and buying a new Lambo.

This rhetoric is prevalent throughout meme coin trading circles, so it is only fitting that investors are flocking to the presale.

With over $3 million raised, Sealana is brimmed with community support. However, analysts are also on board, with ClayBro saying it could be one of the “top Solana meme coins.”

Yet, with no presale hard cap announced, potential investors must be fast to avoid missing out.

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