Binance Will Delist These Cryptocurrencies on September 15th

Binance continues delisting certain cryptocurrencies. It’s the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, and it’s important to keep tabs on the coins that are being removed from it because this usually carries certain implications.

The exchange doesn’t cite the exact reason for its decision but says that there are multiple factors, low liquidity, and trading volume being among them.

This time, Binance will remove and cease trading for the following pairs:

  • At 03:00 UTC, the exchange will remove AMB/BUSD, ASTR/BUSD, BAT/ETH, DASH/BUSD, GMX/BUSD, HOT/BUSD.
  • At 05:00 UTC, the following will be gone: IMX/BNB, KNC/BNB, MC/BUSD, MDT/BUSD, NULS/BUSD, RAD/BUSD, RAY/BUSD, REQ/BUSD
  • At 07:00 UTC, these pairs will cease trading: SSV/BUSD, STMX/BUSD, TROY/BUSD, WOO/BUSD

It’s important to note that the delisting of a spot trading pair doesn’t affect the availability of these tokens on Binance Spot.

Users can still trade the spot trading pair’s base and quote assets on other trading pair(s) that are available on Binance.

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