Biden to visit Baltimore this week as response to bridge collapse continues

Washington — President Biden said Friday he plans to visit Baltimore this week following the deadly collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge.

Mr. Biden confirmed the trip to reporters after arriving at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland after attending a star-studded fundraiser in New York City with former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. 

The Biden administration said Thursday it approved $60 million in immediate federal aid to help clean up the wreckage that was caused by a cargo container ship colliding with the bridge early Tuesday, killing six people. 

“The federal emergency funds we’re releasing today will help Maryland begin urgent work, to be followed by further resources as recovery and rebuilding efforts progress,” Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said in a statement Thursday. 

Mr. Biden said earlier last week that he expects the federal government to pay for the full cost of reconstructing the bridge as officials stressed the economic impact of the Port of Baltimore’s closure. A massive effort is underway to reopen the port, a key shipping route that supports thousands of jobs. 

“To the people of Baltimore, I want to say, we’re with you,” the president said Tuesday. “We’re going to stay with you as long as it takes.”

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