Audi A8 owner buys car cheap but spends 7.5 lakh on 1st year maintenance: Here’s what he has to say [video]

If you have been following our website for a while, you would know that we sometimes feature used luxury cars available at very attractive prices. In most cases, these cars are well-maintained by their previous owners, and the reason many sell these cars is mostly due to the 10-year rule for diesel cars in the Delhi NCR region. Many find such deals tempting and often pick up cars at very affordable prices. However, what many people often ignore before buying a car is the fact that these cars are expensive to maintain. Here, we have a video where a customer shares his experience of maintaining a used Audi A8 luxury sedan one year after buying it.

The video has been shared by That Beamer Guy on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger talks about all the money he spent on his 10-year-old Audi A8 luxury sedan, which he bought from a used car dealer a year ago. We have written about the maintenance cost of such luxury cars in the past, and that is one of the major reasons why these cars are available at such attractive prices—they depreciate extensively because of the same reason.

In the video, the owner talks about the parts that he repaired and replaced in the car, along with the maintenance and running costs. The vlogger mentioned that after buying the car, he completely refurbished it. In this process, he got all necessary components replaced and also had the car properly serviced. This was done to ensure that he could use the car without any issues.

During the first service, he got the engine oil and air filter replaced, costing him Rs 40,000. Other components like the water pump and drive belt cost him Rs 15,000 and Rs 6,500 respectively. He ended up spending Rs 30,000 for the transmission service of the Audi A8. Besides these parts, he also acquired components like all brake pads for Rs 25,000, four used tires for Rs 20,000, and the instrument cluster for Rs 30,000. The AC compressor on this luxury sedan cost Rs 55,000.

Audi A8 maintenance cost

The vlogger also changed the steering system on this Audi A8. This included a new power steering, repairing the old power steering pump, using power steering oil, new left and right front knuckle hub spindle, double replacement of control arm bushes, a new steering tie rod, new link rod, and sway bar bushes. The overall cost of repairing and replacing all these parts was Rs 2.33 lakh.

The video also talks about the repair cost on the Audi A8. He even got the suspension set up on this sedan repaired. For those who don’t know, this is a car that comes with air suspension. He got the front air suspension shockers (Rs 90,000), left front air suspension pipe (Rs 5,000), and rear right air suspension shocker (Rs 55,000) repaired. Coming to the interiors, he replaced the headliner and steering wheel leather.

After using the car for some time, he took the car for a second service and was in for more surprises. He spent Rs 25,000 for general servicing and also got a new set of tires for Rs 60,000. He also acquired a set of used alloy wheels for Rs 20,000. After driving the car for almost 35,000 km, he took the car for a third service, which again cost him Rs 25,000.

In conclusion, the owner has spent Rs 7.64 lakh on the maintenance and repair of his Audi A8 luxury sedan. This is just the amount he spent on maintenance. For the fuel, he spent around Rs 3.15 lakh more. This brings the total expenses to Rs 10.79 lakh.

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