All-new Royal Enfield Himalayan 452: YouTuber reports stalling issue, wants it fixed [Video]

The Chennai-based bike manufacturing giant, Royal Enfield, recently unveiled its newest adventure motorcycle, the Himalayan 452, in India. This brand-new bike, according to the company, has been built from the ground up. So, being a completely new bike, it has gone through extensive testing by the brand. However, for a new bike, there are always some issues found in the later stages, and recently, a YouTuber encountered one such issue with the bike. This particular YouTuber reported that the Himalayan 452, which he was testing, was suffering from a stalling issue.

Royal Enfield Himalayan 452 stalling issue

The video of this stalling issue on the new Himalayan 452 adventure motorcycle has been shared on YouTube by Yammie Noob on their channel. The video starts off with the vlogger riding the new bike on the rough terrains of Ladakh. In the beginning, he seems to be enjoying the new Himalayan 452 and goes into specific details of the riding experience provided by the bike. However, soon in the video, he can be seen facing an unexpected stalling issue.

In the video, the vlogger was seen crossing a shallow stream of water. After this, he rides the bike for a while, and he then states that the bike cut off the power. He added that the bike then also died. After stopping the bike and hitting the ignition, it started once again and drove fine. However, he then once again faced this stalling issue. Later in the video, he mentioned that this issue was persisting when the bike would go under 3000 rpms.

He also adds that the bike’s new digital dashboard mentioned that it was misfiring. Apart from this, the check engine light also came on. Next up in the video, he changes the bike and gets another Himalayan 452; however, he adds that this bike is also facing a similar issue. He added that this issue could most likely be limited to pre-production models. But he mentions that it is an annoying issue nonetheless.

Possible reasons for this stalling issue

All-new Royal Enfield Himalayan 452: YouTuber reports stalling issue, wants it fixed [Video]

The vlogger in his video does not mention any exact reason why this stalling could be taking place on the new Himalayan 452. However, a ton of people in the comment section of the video suggested different reasons that it could be happening. One of the commenters stated that this generally happens when the quality of the fuel is bad or the fuel is not reaching the engine. Another commenter added that it could be an issue with the ECU mapping and could be fixed by the company before the production model comes out.

All-new Royal Enfield Himalayan 452: YouTuber reports stalling issue, wants it fixed [Video]

Another user provided a detailed insight by mentioning that it is a common issue with Royal Enfield motorcycles. He stated that this stalling was also noted by him on his Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. The user added that the common solution for this problem was to clean out anti-corrosion grease out of the fuel pump relay and other relays as well. It was also mentioned that the issue on his bike was only completely resolved after changing the tip-over sensor.

Will it be a common problem on all Royal Enfield Himalayan 452s?

All-new Royal Enfield Himalayan 452: YouTuber reports stalling issue, wants it fixed [Video]

The issue of stalling on the Himalayan 452 seems to be a serious one. However, when the question is raised if this issue will persist on each and every unit of this bike, then the answer is most likely not. The primary reason for this issue being faced by the YouTuber might be an isolated issue with the pre-production units. The company most likely will rectify these issues with the production model. Generally, these types of problems are only found out after extensive riding by different types of riders on the pre-production models.

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