After India-London road trip in his Mahindra Scorpio-N, Youtuber embarks on India-Australia road trip [Video]

Every automotive enthusiast dreams of doing a road trip across the globe in their favorite vehicle. These types of trips are once-in-a-lifetime experiences; however, this YouTuber has announced that after taking his first global road trip from India to London, he is now planning to embark on another global road trip, and this time he will be going from India to Australia. Just like his previous trip, this time around as well, he will be using the same Mahindra Scorpio-N SUV, which he specifically bought for this global expedition.

Global Road Trip in a Mahindra Scorpio-N

The video of this India to Australia trip has been announced by the vlogger on YouTube on the Her Garage channel. The presenter of the channel first introduces the Mahindra Scorpio-N in which this trip is going to be done and then introduces the owner of this vehicle. Following the brief introduction, the presenter asks the owner to first tell a little bit about his India to London trip. He then recaps that they started their journey in India, and then after shipping their car to Iran, they started their road trip.

Why Mahindra Scorpio-N?

He stated that they traveled for around 4 months in this Mahindra Scorpio-N through numerous countries and concluded the trip in London. The car was then shipped from London to India, and it recently arrived. The YouTuber added that just after receiving the vehicle, he planned his new trip from India to Australia in this SUV. The presenter then asked him as to why he chose the Mahindra Scorpio-N rather than any other vehicle from a global brand. To this, he answered that he wanted to specifically take a car from an Indian brand, and this was his first choice.

Next up, the presenter asked him about the service of this vehicle on international trips. To this, he revealed that they carry extra spare parts for routine services like air filters, oil filters, and other parts, and they buy oil locally in the markets and get them serviced at independent shops. The presenter then asked about the reliability of the Scorpio-N so far. The owner of the car then replied that so far, they have not faced any problems with the vehicle, and it has performed flawlessly.

India to Australia Trip Brief

After India-London road trip in his Mahindra Scorpio-N, Youtuber embarks on India-Australia road trip [Video]

Finally, the presenter asks the YouTuber to talk and detail about his new “Namastey Australia” India to Australia road trip. After which he explains that the trip will start in Delhi, from where he and his cameraman will start the journey and drive till Nepal. After reaching there, they will be taking Visa and license for their drive through China and reach Beijing. Next up, they will reach Laos, then Vietnam, then Cambodia, then Thailand, and then Myanmar. He then adds that from Myanmar, they will head towards Malaysia and then reach Singapore.

The YouTuber then added that after reaching Singapore, they will ship their car to Australia and start the journey in the Australian continent. He added that they will receive the car in Perth and then they will start their drive to Melbourne and end in Sydney while traveling to other popular cities of the country. He added that in total this trip will be around 28,000 kms, out of which 10,000 kms will be done in China alone.

Cost of Such Trips

After India-London road trip in his Mahindra Scorpio-N, Youtuber embarks on India-Australia road trip [Video]

Lastly, the presenter asks the owner of the car to talk about the costs of doing such trips. To this, he replies that their last trip, which was from India to London, cost them around Rs 36 lakh, including fuel, hotels, food, Visas, and everything. This cost was divided between two people. However, this time around, he will be taking the India to Australia trip with his cameraman, so he will bear the entire cost of around Rs 40 lakh. He added that in the first trip, there were a lot of sponsors, but this time they have very few sponsors.

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