65 Free Printable Lunchbox Notes To Brighten Your Kid’s Day

Lunch notes for kids are such an easy way to make sure your child knows you are thinking about them at school. With these free printable lunchbox notes, it takes just two minutes to create one for your child. We’ve created a list of free printable lunchbox notes so you can create some personalized midday pick-me-ups for your kids.

Let’s send a cute lunchbox note with lunch to school today!

Send a Lunchbox Note of Encouragement

Words of encouragement written on a lunch note by a familiar hand can be all kids need to succeed. Have a wallflower? Use funny lunchbox notes to get the whole table laughing.

This list has printable lunchbox notes for animal-lovers, jokesters, and rainbow lovers, but any kid is sure to love them because of the personal touches you add.

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Classroom Themed Lunchbox Note Surprises

1. Chalkboard Themed Lunchbox Note

Lunch Box Notes with encouraging messages on green and black paper on white background- kids activities blog
These encouraging lunch box notes are sure to make your child’s day that much better!

Put a smile on your kid’s face with these chalkboard lunchbox notes!

2. An Apple (Note) for Your Lunch Box

How Does She has apple themed lunchbox notes with plenty of space for encouraging notes, jokes, and pictures.

3. Rainbow Lunch Box Note Idea for Kids

Nothing is brighter than a rainbow! Use the color-range in these school themed lunchbox notes from Reasons To Skip The Housework to turn your kid’s day around.

4. Customize this Cute Free Printable Lunchbox Note

Blank Lunch notes to write encouraging words on with scissors and other colorful accessories on a wood background
Write your own special lunch notes on these customizable printable notes.

Eats Amazing has simple apple, heart, and pencil lunchbox notes with lots of room for personal touches.

5. Wise Owl Notes to Print for Lunch Box

Melissa Bennett Designs‘ are sure to spice up back-to-school with her wise owl lunchbox notes.  

6. An Apple for the Student Note for Lunch Box

Kids will be tempted to take a bite out of these apple themed lunchbox notes from J Daniel 4s Mom.

Lunch Notes that Have Sprinkles of Encouragement

7. Send a Customized Message for Your Child

Encouraging Lunch Box Note Text: I miss you when youre at school , but I'm proud of how hard you're working to learn new things on black background
It’s always good to let your kids know how proud of them you are!

The most important thing about these free printable lunchbox notes from Satsuma Designs is that they have plenty of room to craft a message of your own!

8. Lunch Box Notes Worthy of a Frame

Chikckabug created these framed lunchbox notes!

9. Bright and Cheerful Notes to Print

Skip To My Lou has bright and simple printable lunchbox notes that are perfect midday boosts!

10. Unexpected Cheer Note

Encouraging lunch box notes on tropical paper with dinosaurs against a pink background with lap top and salad
These lunch box notes are so quirky and silly!

Love quirky doses of encouragement? Try these free printable lunchbox notes from For Mommies By Mommy!

11. Send a Lunch Box Note of Praise

Jones Design Company created simple fill in the blank lunchbox notes to praise kids and remind them of important events.

12. Joy Joy Joy!

The praise is just as bright as the design in Whipperberry‘s free printable lunchbox notes.

13. A Note from Mom that Makes Kids Smile

Free Printable lunch box notes with a note (you're a cool kid) sandwich, carrots, bananas, and juice box
Let your kids know how awesome you think they are at lunch time!

Lil Tigers has beautiful pastel notes that are sure to put a smile on your kid’s face.

14. Free Lunch Box Notes of Praise

Praise is the name of the game with these free printable lunchbox notes from While He Was Napping.

15. Stylish Lunch Box Notes You Can Print

These chic silver and gold from Silverbox are perfect for older kids!

16. Inspire Your Kids with Printable Note

Free lunch notes printables on pink paper with lunch pictures on yellow background
Tell your kids how much you love them and inspire them to make it through the day with their best foot forward!

Spend With Pennies left lots of room to inspire your kids in these free printable lunchbox notes.

17. Rainbow Lovers Lunch Box Note Idea

Rainbow lovers will die for these colorful lunchbox notes from 100 Directions.

18. Memory Filled Lunch Box Love

Tell your kids everything you love about them with Makes and Takes‘ free “remember when” lunchbox notes.

19. Comic Style Cheer for Lunch

Free printable lunchbox notes blank and filled out
Write your own note or use one of the premade notes in your child’s lunch box.

Your praises will explode with these comic-book style conversation bubble lunchbox notes from Skip To My Lou.

20. Simple Bright and Cheery Note

These free printable lunchbox notes from Living Locurto are simple and bright.

Animal Themed Lunchbox Notes We Love

21. Birds Bees and Octopus Lunch Box Notes

Download and print free printable lunchbox notes for kids - Kids Activities Blog
Just pick a favorite, download & print the cute note to place in your child’s lunchbox.

These bird, bee, and octopus lunchbox notes by Living Weelife are colorful and have lots of room for personalization!

22. Wacky Patterns for Lunch Box Note Fun

Change things up with these wacky patterned lunchbox notes that I Should Be Mopping The Floor made. They’re sure to be a hoot!

23. Cupcake Themed Lunch Box Notes

Get Buttoned Up made these cute cupcake, sheep, and fill in the blank printable lunchbox notes.

24. Woodland Creatures Cheer at Lunch

Woodland creature lunch box notes with squirrels owl and hedgehogs
These lunch box notes are adorable.

These woodland creature lunchbox notes from the Tangarang Blog are perfect for your wild child!

25. Fun Food and Animals for Lunch Box Notes

Animals, cookies, cake– I Should Be Mopping The Floor has it all with these encouraging lunchbox notes.

26. Doodly Animal Lunch Box Notes You Can Print

These doodled lunchbox notes from Fresh Picked Whimsy leave plenty of room for notes from mom.

27. Lunch Box Notes are for the Birds

lunch box notes with birds on them with sandwich, banana, apple on wood background
Write your own notes on these bird printables.

Kids will fly high with Picklebum‘s encouraging bird themed lunchbox notes.  

28. Lunch Box Jokes Notes

I Am That Lady combines animals and jokes in these cartoon lunchbox notes.

29. Buzzy Bee Lunch Box Notes

Makoodle‘s bees buzz through simple sayings in her free printable lunchbox notes!

30. Free Printable Animal Themed Lunch Box Messages

lunch note in lunch box with ball, thermos, sandwich, and tupperware
Tell your little ones how excited you are to see them home from school!

Parrots, elephants, and monkeys invite you to leave messages for you kid on these free printable lunchbox notes from Caps Creations.

31. Gators, Spiders and Crabs…Oh My!

These animal lunchbox notes by Kiki & Company include gators, spiders, and crabs.

32. Bears, Bunnies and Dinos…Oh My!

Bears, bunnies, dinos–oh my! Get Buttoned Up has it all with these free printable lunchbox notes!

33. Printable Whales Owls and Lady Bug Lunchbox Messages

Printable animal lunch box notes with owls, whales, and lady bugs
I love the owl lunch box note the most!

These patterned lunchbox notes from Frugal Coupon Living are too cute! Whales, owls, lady bugs, and gators decorate them!

34. Howling Fun Lunch Box

Your kids will roar when they see these lion, owl, giraffe, and elephant notes from Honey Jumble.

35. Big Dream Lunch Box Notes

Kids will dream big with Mama Miss‘ lunchbox notes. They include whales, octopuses, and rocket ships!

Set Your Kids Up On A Lunch-Date With Their Favorite Characters

36. Disney Themed Lunch Box Notes You Can Print

50+ disney themed lunch box notes with princesses pixar disney journal movie quotes trivia, park facts and more on white background
If you like Disney… these lunch box notes are for you!

Invite Mickey, Daisy, Donald, and Ariel to lunch with Delightful Life Disney themed lunchbox notes.

37. More Disney Lunchbox Messages

Let Elsa, Anna, Sophia the First, Jake, the Neverland Pirates, and Doc McStuffins keep your kids company with these Disney lunchbox notes from Delicate Construction!

38. Robot Themed Printable Lunch Box Notes

Tangarang Blog made these cute robot lunchbox notes for kids who look to the future!

39. Printable Post It Note Lunch Box Notes

free printable lunch box notes on sticky notes that look like chalkboard drawings

These cute printable lunchbox notes can be printed on post it notes and stuck anywhere inside a lunchbox!

Printable Lunchbox Notes Jokes & Dollops Of Comedy

40. Print & Laugh Along with Lunch

Brighten your kid’s day with a laugh! These lunchbox note jokes will send the whole lunchroom in uproar!

41. Silly Food Lunchbox Messages

Darling Doodles Design‘s food themed lunchbox jokes are the perfect fit!

42. Lunchbox Jokes Messages for Kids

These simple free lunchbox jokes from Inspired By Family Mag are the perfect way to break up a dull school day.

43. Funny Lunch Ideas to Print for Free

Funny lunch box notes with jokes and pictures like trains, boats, lightning, skulls
These lunch box notes are a hoot and a half!

Even girls will love All For The Boys funny lunchbox notes. They have enough room for mom to add her personal touch!

44. Have Some Laughs with Animals

Happy Home Fairy‘s funny animal themed lunchbox notes are sure to make your kids’ day!

Crafty Lunchbox Notes that are Colorful & Cute

45. Personalize Your Lunch Box Note

These personalized lunch sack tags by Sissyprint are easy to make and a great way to personalize your kid’s lunch. They’re perfect for large families!

46. Fruity Jokes Lunch Box Notes

Alpha Mom created these punny lunchbox notes so that each fruit comes with a joke.

47. Bookworms & Lunch

Does your kid love to read? Make a bookworm and apple with Fresh Family Meals‘ free printable lunchbox note.

48. Lunch Box Coloring Page Printables

Kids can color these printable lunchbox notes from Spotgirl-Hotcakes.

49. Mini Notebook for Lunch Box Creative Fun

Mini lunch box notes on fruit like apples, pears, oranges, and bananas
These lunch box notes are perfect for fruit!

The Country Chic Cottage designed a lunchbox mini notebook that kids can color and draw in! It’s easy to make and sure to please artsy children!

50. Label Your Food for Lunch

These lunchbox tags from Best Bites are a great way to label lunchbox goodies!

Educational Lunchbox Notes

Find the perfect lunch note to print for your child lunchbox - Kids Activities Blog
You can find the perfect lunchbox note to print for your child!

51. Food Allergy Labels to Print

Kori Clark came up with printable lunchbox allergen labels so you can teach kids about food allergies while keeping them safe.

52. Take a Survey for Lunch

Teach kids about surveys with this printable lunchtime survey by June Pfaff Daley.

53. I Always Pick “B” Lunch Box Notes

These cute multiple choice lunchbox notes from Today’s Mama lets parents have a turn stressing over the right answer.

54. Trivia Printable Lunch Box Notes

Yellow lunch box note with Disney Castle and disney trivia
These notes are perfect for Disney lovers!

Brush up on your Disney World Trivia with WDW Preschool’s free printable lunchbox notes. They’re perfect for an upcoming Disney trip! (no longer available)

55. Lunch Box Notes with Hidden Picture Puzzles

Teach Mama made these hidden picture lunchbox notes. They’re the perfect lunchtime puzzle!

Holiday Lunchbox Notes You Can Print

56. Christmas Cheer Lunch Box Fun

Can you feel it in the air? The holidays are here! Teach Mama‘s Christmas lunchbox notes are the perfect way to spread good cheer.

57. Printable Halloween Lunch Box Notes

Halloween lunch box notes with Frankenstein, mummy, witch, cat, Jack o lantern, and bats
These Halloween lunch notes are spooktacular!
  • These funny Halloween lunchbox notes by Kiki & Company are anything but scary!
  • All For The Boys‘ Halloween lunchbox notes leave lots of room for mom to write her own scare!

58. Thanksgiving Lunch Box Notes

Sprinkle your kids with leaves and laughter by hiding one of these Thanksgiving lunchbox notes from Darling Doodles Design in their lunch.

59. Easter Themed Lunch Box Printable Notes

Kiki & Company made some Easter themed lunchbox notes and they’re an explosion of bunnies, eggs, and carrots!

60. Valentines Day Lunch Box Notes

Valentines day lunch box notes with a kitty and a heart sandwich strawberries, grapes, and orange
What better way to say I love you than a lunch box note?

These Valentine’s Day lunchbox notes from Mom Envy come with puns!

61. St Patricks Day Printable Notes for Your Lunch Box

These St. Patrick’s Day lunchbox notes by Teach Mama are tiny pots of gold kids will love to find!

More Lunch & Dinner Fun from Kids Activities Blog

Which free printable lunchbox note are you going to download first?

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