16 Easy Ways to Make DIY Chalk

Want to learn how to make chalk? It is easy to make homemade chalk! Outdoor chalk is a great way to spend time outside and make awesome sidewalk art. When you make your own chalk, it makes those chalk ideas even more special. Making chalk with supervision is a fun craft for kids of all ages.

Lets learn how to make chalk!

DIY Chalk Ideas for Kids

Making DIY chalk is a fun project to make with the kids. There are so many fun ways to make chalk including some really awesome chalk ideas: exploding chalk, glow in the dark chalk, chalk pieces, DIY sidewalk chalk paint, frozen chalk and different color sticks of chalk.

Making homemade chalk is pretty inexpensive and even large batches are budget-friendly.

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Common Supplies Needed to Make Chalk

Fun Ways To Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk

1. How To Make Chalk Rocks

Let’s make a chalk rock. Use balloons to mold this chalk recipe into the shape of rocks. So fun!

2. DIY Spray Chalk Recipe

This liquid chalk in a spray bottle makes really beautiful patterns on the sidewalk. via Paper and Glue

3. Homemade Chalk Pops

Make a chalk popsicle (but don’t eat it!) This is fun because you have a built in handle if you aren’t in the mood to get messy. via Project Nursery

4. Make Your Own Squirt Chalk Recipe

Use vinegar to make this fizzy chalk. Mix them together to create new colors! via Growing A Jeweled Rose

5. How To Make Egg Chalk Paint

The secret ingredient to this DIY chalk paint recipe is an egg!

How to Make DIY Chalk- glow in the dark chalk, heart chalk, paint chalk and chalk rocks
You can also learn how to make diy glow in the dark chalk.

6. DIY Heart Chalk

This sweet recipe is adorable and easy to make. via Princess Pinky Girl

7. Homemade Glitter Chalk Paint Recipe

Your kiddos will love this sparkly chalk recipe! via The Imagination Tree

8. Make Your Own Erupting Ice Chalk

This cool chalk recipe will cool you down on a summer day and has a really neat effect. via Learn Play Imagine

9. How To Make Glow In The Dark Chalk Paint

Make this on a summer night and watch your sidewalk glow! Who knew sidewalk paint could be so cool! via Growing A Jeweled Rose

How to make diy chalk- chalk- popsicle stick chalk and spray chalk paint
Learn how to make DIY chalk and chalk paint.

10. DIY Chalk Bombs Recipe

Fill up a water balloon with this chalk recipe and toss it to watch it explode! What a fun way to play outside! via Reading Confetti

11. Homemade Frozen Chalk

This one is totally perfect for a hot summer day. via The Kennedy Adventures

12. How To Make Scented Chalk

Use your favorite flavor of KoolAid to make chalk paint that smells delicious. via Learn Play Imagine

Video: Learn How To Make DIY Chalk Paint

13. DIY Paintable Chalk

Grab your sponges and paintbrushes because we are learning how to make chalk paint! You’ll need those brushes for this paintable chalk.

14. Homemade Chalk Melts Recipe

These chalk melts are so cool! You can make beautiful art with your homemade chalk melts. It’s kind of like homemade sidewalk paint? But it’s also like chalk sticks too? They’re really cool regardless, and your work surface will look amazing. This sidewalk chalk recipe is best for older kids though and does require adult help and supervision.

15. How To Make Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

Don’t buy chalk at the store! You can make your very own homemade sidewalk chalk.

16. Traditional Chalk Melts

And last, but not least, check out how to make homemade traditional chalk with plaster of paris.

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How to make a chalk board game outside from above - driveway chutes and ladders board game drawn in chalk
How fun is this chalk game board? Learn how to make DIY chalk to make it!

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